December 10th: Christmas Family Stories

The next AFHS General Meeting will be at the Village on Monday, December 10th at 7 pm.

Our December program will be a celebration of the festive season. We would like to hear your stories of your ancestors who have some “unique” features. Was your grandpa bearded like Santa (or was your grandma bearded like Santa?) Was Auntie Gerty able to juggle chickens? Did cousin Bobby lose a finger in a mumblety-peg incident? Tell us all about it. If you have pictures, even better – bring them on a USB drive and we’ll show them to everyone.

We will also be having a little party of sorts so bring goodies if you’d like. We are also going to be accepting cash donations for the Calgary Womens’ Emergency Shelter. Cheques and cash will be gratefully appreciated. Paul Chambers, the Resource Development Lead for the C.W.E.S., will be present and will give us an introduction to the Shelter and their services.

The Village is located at 4039 Brentwood Rd NW.  There is a link to its location on the AFHS calendar .