New Genealogy Search Engine at

Mentioned in Dick Eastman’s EOGN newsletter of 25 Feb 2019. For public viewing.

Kin Crawler is a web crawler/search engine that works in a similar method as Google but with one major difference: it is constantly crawling the web looking for any pages that pertain solely to genealogy. Once it finds a genealogy-related web site, Kin Crawler indexes each page and puts the words or cache into a database on the Kin Crawler server. The search engine then takes whatever you type in and searches the database for matching words. It then tries to return a list of pages that best match your query. has over 3 million pages in the index so far. These first 2 million crawl has mainly been the free content from the USGenweb, Rootsweb pages, and many other sites that are considered to be good free alternatives to using pay sites. The plan is to expand that “web crawl” to as many genealogy sites as can be identified. If you don’t find what you want on Kin Crawler today, you might return in a few months and try again. By that time, Kin Crawler probably will be expanded significantly.

Kin Crawler is a non-commercial web site, started by and maintained as a personal project by Anthony Marshall. He writes, “My main hobbies are genealogy and web programming so I decided to combine the two in an attempt to make the largest ‘free form’ genealogy specific search engine on the internet. My main goal is to help others find their family history by creating a genealogy search that is completely free and linked to pages that are also completely free.”

You might want to take a look at In fact, you first might want to read the FAQs (Frequently-Asked Questions) at