Where Will All the Family Records Go? Succession-Proofing your Family History

Join Jim Benedict, President of Alberta Family Histories Society, as he presents methods and resources to help preserve the research and documents that make up your family’s history.

Audience: Beginner


All of us start with a shoebox of family photographs, a binder of old documents and likely someone’s hand sketched family tree, maybe with dates if we are lucky. As we learn more about genealogy, we might progress to using a computer, perhaps even a website. There are seven stages of doing family research, and this talk will cover the challenges of moving your study through the stages into the 21st century.

Also discussed is an innovative approach to preserving family trees on the web, in use by several members of a Alberta Family Histories Society. Members can have their family tree set up on the Internet, knowing that the Society will preserve their research into the future.

BMO Room on Level 0 at the Central Library, downtown Calgary, 1 pm