Board of Directors
President: Warren Peterson
Vice President: vacant
Past President: Bob Eccleston
Recording Secretary: Heather Grant
Treasurer: Jim Benedict
Director (Computing Group): Don Duncan
Director (Facilities): vacant
Director (Finances): Michele Buhler
Director at Large: Peter McKenzie
Director at Large: Betty Ann Murray
Director at Large: Dennis Laughton
Committee Chairs
AFHS Archives: Marion Peterson
Casino: Dennis Laughton
Communications: vacant
Publicity: vacant
Education: vacant
Events: Tara Shymanski
FFHS Contact: Ann Williams
Library: Linda Murray
Membership: vacant
Privacy: Kay Clarke
Programs: Christine Hayes
Projects: Heather Williams
Public Relations: vacant
Meeting room bookings: Warren Peterson
Editor, ChinookMichele Buhler
Coaching at CPL: Linda Murray
Electronic Mailing List: vacant
Project Publications: Heather Williams
Equipment: Marion Peterson
FamilyRoots: Marion Peterson
Social Media: Wendy Fitzpatrick
Telephone Coordinator: vacant
Volunteer Coordinator: Lorna Laughton
Webmaster: Jim Benedict


Postal Queries, mail to:
AFHS – Queries
712 – 16 Avenue NW
Calgary, AB T2M 0J8

Email Queries: Mabel Kiessling

Geographic SIGs
Celtic, Irish-Scottish SIG Chair: Susan Butler
English/Welsh SIG Chair: Ann Williams
Ontario SIG Chair: Helen Backhouse

Technical SIGs and User Groups

Genealogy Computing Group: Don Duncan
DNA SIG: Lorna Laughton & Linda Murray
Family Genes User Group: Jim Benedict
Family Tree Maker SIG: Nola Gutsche
Legacy SIG: Marion Peterson

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