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Why I Use This Software Program

Computer Special Interest Group Meeting - 13 September 1997
Ancestral Quest (Alison Dudley Forte) - Brothers' Keeper (Judii Rempel) - Family Tree Maker (Doug Hay) - Legacy (Doug Stobbs) - Personal Ancestral File (Blair Barr) - Reunion (Tom Colbens)

Ancestral Quest

ANCESTRAL QUEST is put out by Incline Software in Salt Lake City. CD-Rom comes with Ancestral Quick Tour, Hammond Maps, Konica Picture Show and Genealogy Resources.

Purchase options:

  • Version 2 costs, $39.95 US for diskette, CD-Rom $44.95(US), plus $5.00 shipping/handling. Order from: Incline Software, Voice: 1-800-825-8864, Fax: 801-273-1535, or P.O. Box 17788, Salt Lake City, UT
  • The online version without hardcopy manual is $37.95 (US)(without hardcopy manual) from:

Technical Support: 801-278-5886 or
General Information:
Enhancement Request:

Brothers' Keeper

BROTHERS' KEEPER is shareware. In the case of BK, the test drive period is pretty much up to the user's discretion and very few features crippled in the unregistered version. No Macintosh version has been developed or is planned. A DOS version (5.2) is is still available via the website identified below.

Purchase options:

  • For the AFHS Computer SIG participants, copies can be purchased from the SIG (i.e. Frank Morrow). For $5.00 you can get the two necessary files (v. 5F) on two disks that you can upload to a PC operating either Windows 3.1 or Windows 95.
  • If not part of the SIG, you can download a copy of the two files from the Brothers' Keeper website
  • You can also send a letter or fax to the developer: John Steed, 6907 Childsdale Ave, Rockford, MI 49341 U.S.A. [FAX 616-866-3345].
  • The cost to register it (whether downloaded or ordered directly) is $49.00 (US).


  • Apart from the SIG, there is another sources of support for BK. One can email the developer (his email address is on the website above), or you can join the Brothers' Keeper listserv - a subscription to folks who talk about the pros, cons, uses and abuses of BK. Send an e-mail note, addressed to , with the subject of "SUBSCRIBE" [no quotation marks required]. Don't type anything in the message area. You will get an acknowledgement/instructions within a day. The developer keeps an eye on the dialogue and will participate if directly invited.


LEGACY --20 Reasons to Buy Legacy--

  1. Huge Capacities
  2. Wide Variety of Reports
  3. Publish Books
  4. Blank Reports and Forms
  5. Powerful, Intelligent Merging of Duplicates
  6. Multiple Parents
  7. Birthday and Anniversary Calendars
  8. View Relationships
  9. Complete Source Documentation
  10. View Multiple Family Files at the Same Time
  11. Powerful Searching Capabilities
  12. Date Calculator
  13. QuickFill Fields
  14. Bookmarks and History List
  15. Alternate Name and Events
  16. Pictures and Sounds
  17. Import Personal Ancestral File and GEDCOM Files
  18. Export Files to GEDCOM, Ancestral File and TempleReady
  19. Completely Customizable
  20. Complete LDS Support
  21. Extensive Context-sensitive Help While You Work

Family Tree Maker

FAMILY TREE MAKER is readily available in Calgary from a number of retail outlets. Apart from coming complete with some data, this software was probably the first to offer it's purchasers the option of uploading their family history onto the software site.

Purchase options:
A recent 'survey', determined that at least three versions are presently being sold.

  • Version 3.02 Basic --- Future Shop $30 with 1 CD
  • Version 4.0 III Delux --- Computer City $60 with 4 CD's
  • Version 4.0 III Canadian --- Currently out of stock $100 with 10 CD's
  • Upgrade to 4.0 --- Broderbund $30 @ 1-800-315-0672

Purchases may be made via their website, where there is also a lot of good genealogical information and some software support. V. 4 III Canadian costs $99 (US) if you purchase it online (charge card details required).

Personal Ancestral File

PERSONAL ANCESTRAL FILE (PAF) is the official genealogical software of the Latter Day Saints (Morman) Church. It is available in DOS, Windows and Macintosh formats.

There is a webpage dedicated to this software known as PAF Review. More detail to follow.


REUNION is developed by Leister Productions. This software is graphic-based and is extremely easy to use. It follows all the GEDCOM protocols.

For Macintosh (Sys 7 & OS 8.0) Reunion for Mac v. 4.0 is presently being upgraded to 5.0 (out anytime) for Macs. This website provides reviews, free demos, free updates, ReunionTalk digest, free download for Reunion Player, Articles, Links to other genealogical users, and has pages from new software up as well. They also provide a free limited usable download from their web site as well as a Reunion Player. One can send a file and Reunion Player for that platform to someone and the person can then view the contents of the file as it would be in Reunion.

Purchase Options:

  • Purchase can be direct from Leister Productions, Inc. or from mailorder houses such as MacWarehouse (Toronto), MacConnections, PC Connections or from Chalmers Communications in Edmonton. Full purchase price about $119.00 US or about $150 Canadian. Upgrade price from Reunion 4.0 to 5.0 will be $ 39.95 US for registered Mac users.

For Windows 3.1 and Win95 Reunion for Windows v. 4.0 is available but the upgrade will not be ready until near Christmas due to the fact Reunion for Windows was sold to Sierra. The features in "Sierraunion" appear to be same as in Mac version 5.0.


Other A link to other genealogical software on this site for your convenience.