Alberta Family Histories Society BlogWelcome to the Alberta Family Histories Society Blog!

The Alberta Family Histories Society is a non-profit organization formed in 1980 to promote and encourage an interest in family history research. We are located in Calgary, Alberta Canada.

On these pages we highlight the events and resources, tips and volunteers along with many other topics that make our society great!

  • AFHS Blog Nominated for Family Tree Magazine’s Top 40 Blogs 2010.
  • Chinook, the newsletter of the Alberta Family Histories Society, won the National Genealogical Society’s newsletter competition in both 2011 and 2009 (the two years we entered the competition) in the County or Local Genealogical or Historical Society Newsletter category.
  • NGS Awards AFHS "Chinook" Best Newsletter Award

    The National Genealogical Society Awards the AFHS "Chinook" quarterly publication First Place in 2010 Newsletter competition for County and Local Newsletters. Received May 2011 in Charleston, SC


Membership Benefits – Join today!

1. Ten regular meetings each year with presentations to help learn about or carry out your family history research

2. Ten beginner sessions each year to augment the main presentations; equally popular with beginners and seniors alike

3. Ten Breeze newsletters per year, keeping members informed of upcoming local and other events across the Alberta

4. Four issues of the award winning “Chinook” publication per year; news items and articles of interest to family historians

5. Special Interest Groups (SIGs) to help researchers in specific areas whether your special interest is computers or locales such as England, Ireland, Maritimes, Scotland – even Metis

6. Special events such as our FamilyRoots seminars, and other periodic seminars with visiting experts

7. A free lending library of books, reference materials and an invaluable collection of genealogical journals from across Canada and abroad

8. Free publication of specific research queries in Chinook

9. Free publication of your surname interests in Chinook and also on the AFHS website

10. Permission to use AFHS Member graphic on your website

11. Opportunities to get involved in Society activities, to share and learn

12. Opportunities to meet other local members with the same research interests

13. Opportunities to gain from the research of others and also share information on one’s own research

14. Opportunities to gain new friends and have some good fun!

Don’t miss any benefits or opportunities. Download an application form and join today!



Alberta Family Histories Society Library Calgary Alberta Canada

The AFHS Library is located at 712 – 16 Avenue NW Calgary, AB, CANADA Phone: (403) 214-1447.  Check the calendar or phone to ensure the library is open before you visit.

>>>>View Map to AFHS Library

This blog is an adjunct of our main Alberta Family Histories Web pages which can be found here. The AFHS blog, Twitter and Facebook profiles are maintained by Joan Miller, a member of  the Public Relations team of the Alberta Family Histories Society.  If you have a suggestion or comment please contact us here.

2 Responses to About

  1. heather says:

    where is your office located? i would like to come to it to do research. thank you.

  2. Joan Miller - AFHS PR says:

    Hi Heather,
    Thanks for your question. The AFHS Library is located at 712 – 16 Avenue NW Calgary, AB, CANADA T2M 0J8 Phone: (403) 214-1447. Check the calendar or phone to ensure the library is open before you visit.

    Joan Miller

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