Two Heads Are Better Than One

two heads


One thing that I know for sure from my years as a genealogy researcher is that putting two minds to work on a problem is a sure way to solve that problem. It took me a long time to figure that one out –I have always been a solitary researcher – maybe a bit anti-social even, but when I started working with other genealogists I realized that every researcher is different and those differences can help you climb, skirt or knock down your brick walls. I have had the privilege of watching some great genealogical minds at work and the experience has been eye-opening to say the least. I have not just found solutions to immediate problems, I have learned techniques and ways of thinking that have helped me avoid many frustrating errors and find innovative ways to track down those elusive ancestors.
So, why would you care about this? Well, you can avail yourself of the very same resources by joining me and some of my genealogical mentors at the Family History Coaching program at the Calgary Public Library. On the last Saturday of the month from September to June (excepting the Christmas season) two genealogists from Alberta Family Histories Society come down to join me and together we offer genealogists, from beginners to experienced, a chance to collaborate with other researchers and to learn, just like I have, from their wealth of knowledge. How can you say no?
We are going to meet this Saturday, June 27, from 10 am to noon, on the fourth floor at the Central Library, 616 Macleod Trail SE. The library is on the C-train line, City Hall station, and there is also ample parking in the City Hall Parkade (accessible from 9th Avenue and just $5 on weekends) and also on the streets in the beautiful East Village. You could make a day of it – come down and hang out with some great genealogists, find an ancestor or two, grab a bite to eat and stroll down the River Walk. What better way to spend a Saturday?

Christine Hayes
Genealogy Specialist at Calgary Public Library,
Alberta Family Histories Society Program Committee Chair

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