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Adolphine and Zeno Reding - Canadian Immigrants
“Photo of a couple who emigrated to Canada in 1910, via the United States – he originally from Switzerland and she from Germany – celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary in Alberta in 1950”


Chinook News

by Wayne Shepheard, Editor Chinook

The January 2012 issue of Chinook will feature articles about Our Ethnic Roots, those groups of newcomers to Canada that were not of British origin which region dominates the interests of most AFHS members.

 We have articles dealing with people from China, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Scandinavia, Switzerland, the Ukraine and the United States. The Editor admits the latter is not exactly an “ethnic” country but it serves to show us Canadians come from everywhere.

 Regular feature-writers have also oriented their submissions to identify sources relevant to family historians seeking information from places all over the globe.

Almost 12% of the interests of members shown on the Surname Interests section of the AFHS website are for parts of the globe outside of North America and the United Kingdom, most of which are in Continental Europe.

No doubt researchers have noticed over the past year or so that many new records are becoming available dealing with non-British and non-North American ancestors, from a multitude of sources. In news releases of September and October alone, for example, Family Search announced they had added over 18 million images to their library for areas outside of North America and Britain. And more and more books and websites are popping up from publishers and internet data sources dedicated to genealogical pursuits in those other countries.

The AFHS welcomes members whose family roots go back into all countries as that only serves to enrich all participants in the society. This is, of course, part of the reason the Editor chose to dedicate the next issue of Chinook to new Canadians from places other than the British Isles. We hope all readers enjoy the stories and take away valuable information to assist in their own family history pursuits.

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  1. Schwerdfeger, Swerdfeger, Barclay and other descendents of Rev Samuel Schwerdfeger (1731-1798). Schwerdfeger, founder of the Lutheran Church in Eastern Ontario, was born in Burgbernheim, Germany but emigrated to Pennsylvania in 1753, later settling near Albany, New York. After the 1790, the family moved near Williamsburg, Ontario. In the early 1800s, parts of the clan returned to the US and began the spread across Canada. Other variations include Swortfiguer, Swartfigure, Swardfager … I have compiled a tree with over 4,000 directly connected folks. In the 1930s, one branch on the Canadian Prairies adopted the last name Barclay.

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