AFHS “Chinook” Wins Best Local Newsletter at NGS

NGS Awards AFHS "Chinook" Best Newsletter Award

NGS Awards AFHS "Chinook" Best Local Newsletter Award

The Alberta Family Histories Society quarterly publication “Chinook” won best local society newsletter at the National Genealogical Society conference in Charleston, South Carolina.

The announcement was made May 11th, 2011 at the NGS conference.

This is the second time the AFHS “Chinook” has entered the competition and the second time the publication has won.

Xenia Stanford - - Alberta Family Histories Society Outgoing Editor Chinook

Xenia Stanford, Alberta Family Histories Society Outgoing Editor of the award winning "Chinook"

Congratulations go to Xenia Stanford, outgoing editor and her hard working team of authors, proofreaders, co-editor Wayne Shepheard and others that help make Chinook a valuable and attractive genealogy publication.

We heartily thank Xenia for five years of dedication and excellence as Editor.  She will be missed.

We welcome Wayne Shepheard in his new role as incoming editor.  We look forward to more great things from the AFHS Chinook.

AFHS Members receive the Chinook as part of their membership package.

NGS awards AFHS' Chinook Best Local Newsletter Award

Marion Peterson receiving the award on behalf of AFHS from Ann Christnacht Hilke, President of NGS. May, 2011. Charleston, SC.

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