Carnival of Genealogical Societies: Collaboration

This blog post is in response to the second edition of the Carnival of Genealogical Societies.  The topic is Collaboration.


a) Does your society collaborate with other societies?
(genealogical, historical, lineage, etc.)
Or groups? (local library, family history center)
Why or why not?
b) What works or needs improvement?


Part a)

Other Societies – yes, information on Seminars, upcoming events of significance, etc. are exchanged via e-mail with most societies, but in particular, by the PR Committee for our Special Events. Groups include Calgary Libraries, and thru LDS, the Southern Alberta Family History Centres. Other involvement is an invitation to participate in Historic Calgary Week.

We co-operate very well with the Calgary LDS Calgary Stake FHC. the Chinook Historical Society (Calgary Historical Week), Fort Calgary, Glenbow Archives and the Military Museums and others to a lesser degree.

We have had informal meetings with some other groups and would like to do more. We work with the Calgary Public Library in a Genealogy coaching program.

Our executive leadership are thinking of and planning ways each group can help or compliment each other.

Our publication, the award winning Chinook, is exchanged for publications with other genealogical societies.

b)  What needs improvement:

We need to identify other groups in Calgary to reach out to and we need to do more to contact groups in other places.

[Editor: Thank you to the executive members of the AFHS that sent responses to this carnival].


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