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I am just beginning to realize just how many online genealogy resources there are, extending far beyond just databases and cemetery indices. For those of you who would like more frequent contact with the genealogy world than the monthly AFHS meeting and the various SIGs you belong to, going online to learn, discuss, and share may be one of the single best ways at your disposal.

GeneaWebinarsThe author of the award-winning genealogy blog DearMYRTLE has set up a website, GeneaWebinars, to help readers to keep track of the many upcoming events. For example, in the next couple of weeks, you’ll find scheduled the weekly genealogy DearMYRTLE “Hangout” that happens Mondays on Google+, a genealogy chat that happens on the social network Twitter, and an online seminar with the fascinating title, “Up in Smoke! What to do when the courthouse burns”.

If you’re reading this post on the AFHS blog, then I can be reasonably assured that you’re using a computer to access the Internet. However, it’s no secret that the hobby of genealogy is primarily the pastime of elder generations, and you may well wonder just how you would even begin to use Twitter, let alone how you “hang out” on Google. Given the depth of resources available on so many different platforms, all of that is probably a longer discussion, and better suited for another day. In the meantime, do visit the GeneaWebinars site and perhaps you’ll find something that piques your interest.

Legacy Family Tree WebinarsOne of the best quality productions on the Web appears to be the webinars that are produced by the makers of Legacy Family Tree genealogy software, called, aptly, Legacy Family Tree Webinars. These webinars usually occur weekly, and are available for free at the time that each is live and for one week after the webinar was live. After that, a subscription is required to watch and listen to the webinar, although AFHS has a Special Interest Group dedicated to Legacy, and frequently shows a replay of one of the webinars with discussion to follow. While the SIG meeting is cancelled for September, it’s anticipated to return in October. You can learn more about this SIG by visiting the AFHS calendar or contacting the SIG coordinator, Charlie Aubin.

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  1. Love the webinars and Twitter too. But there are other low key / low tech chats that people might like. As the British Columbia Genealogical Society Editor, I host an on-line chat once a month. No software required; just go to on the day and you’ll see the chat box right there; you are invited to join in. (Some people just seem to want to watch me ‘type’ – not nearly as much fun!) Next chat – Monday, October 28 at 7 pm Pacific time. Ready to discuss or hear about any genealogy or family history topic or event or the like. Would love to hear about Alberta FHS projects and upcoming events.

  2. John Smiley says:

    Thanks for your comment, Diane. I hope to head home early enough tonight to log in and check out your chat.

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