Legacy 8

I have been a user of the Legacy Family Tree program for several years, and was intrigued to hear that a new major release is forthcoming. The folks at Legacy began giving previews of the improvements on the Legacy blog in June. Though they haven’t announced a firm release date, they do believe it will be out before 2014 arrives.

There is certainly no shortage of software available to help genealogists to track their facts and source their finds, and I’m not actually certain that Legacy is the single-best among them. It has served me well, albeit intermittently, for several years, and I’ll be looking forward to upgrading to their new version when it is released.

The basic version remains free to download and use. For those who purchase the premium version now, you will also get a free upgrade to Legacy 8 when it is released to the public.

** Note: It must be mentioned that this post is not a paid or otherwise remunerated endorsement of Legacy Family Tree. We all have our own preferences for methods and tools, and this software simply happens to live in my toolbox.

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