You use WHAT for genealogy?


I recently attended a great webinar given by Thomas MacEntee through Legacy Family Tree Webinars. For those of you who haven’t heard of Thomas MacEntee, he is a tech wizard and “genealogy ninja” who keeps abreast of the newest technologies and explores their possible uses for genealogists. As part of his “you use what…” webinar he asks that participants spread the word about these new technologies so that genealogists will get on board and start using them. Many of these sites are social networking sites that MacEntee refers to as “cousin bait” meaning that other genealogists trawling the ‘net may stumble on your site or profile.
I have used Facebook for this but certainly other social networking sites will work as well. While I personally don’t get Twitter, I do see that it might be useful for just this kind of “bait”. Another great way to get your information out there and possibly lure cousins is to write a family blog. There are a number of great blogging sites out there, including Blogger and WordPress. They are so easy to use, anyone can have a blog. These blogs are searchable, so that when people google their names (c’mon – we all do it), anything relevant in your blog will come up.
Other techy resources for genealogists are things like Evernote, which is a note-taking app that allows you to access your data from any device. There are add-on apps such as the web-clipper that allows you to capture and keep interesting web pages – kind of like that shoebox you keep all of those interesting bits and pieces you find on your travels. It is free to download but you do have to make an account.
A similar sort of thing is Dropbox. This site allows you to store your data in the cloud so you can access it anywhere you have internet access and on any device. I use this a lot for collaborating with colleagues (and because I often forget the USB drive that contains the presentation I’m supposed to be giving in 5 minutes.) It is an excellent way to back up your data, as well. Because it is stored in the cloud and not on your device, a computer crash won’t affect it.
This is just a taste of the great information that I was able to glean from this webinar. If you’d like to keep on top of all the newest tech stuff for genealogists, I suggest you check out Thomas MacEntee’s website, High- Definition Genealogy
If you have a fave site or app that you’d like to share with us all, please post it as a comment to the blog and share the wealth!

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