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DNA for GenealogyDNA for Genealogy

There will be a Alberta Family Histories Society DNA Special Interest Group meeting on:

Tuesday May 31st at 7 pm
AFHS library, 712 – 16 Avenue NW, Calgary, Alberta

At the May 31st meeting Joan Miller will be giving a talk entitled “Research and Verify your Ancestors with DNA – Understanding your FTDNA results”.    This talk will review the basics of using DNA for genealogy, then delve into how to interpret your results from Family Tree DNA.

The DNA SIG is a new group which will focus on using genetic genealogy (DNA for genealogy) to complement traditional methods of family tree research.  This group will likely meet twice a year depending on interest.   All AFHS members are welcome.

About Joan Miller –  Retired from a career in medical research, Joan has been using genetic genealogy (DNA) to complement traditional methods since 2005.  She serves on the PR committee of the Alberta Family Histories Society and is the social media coordinator for AFHS. Joan writes about her family tree and other genealogy topics at the Luxegen Genealogy blog.

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