Apr 11 2019

Delete that SPAM email

Have you ever received an email addressed to you, saying “This account is now hacked!”  It has your correct email address.  It might even look like it was sent from your own email address!  Was it?  No.  This is a fake email.

The fake email will go on with more claims: a hacker who has “opened your email and devices”, installed some “special program” on your computer, that the hacker has been monitoring your video watching activities, that he, the hacker, is tracking every password modification you do.  All fake news.  Don’t fall for it.

How did the hacker do it?  This is relatively easy to do.  The hacker just has to generate an email with the scary message, then he uses hacker tools to modify the behind-the-scenes parameters in the email heading.  He spoofs his own email address to become yours, then sends it off.  And dozens or hundreds more.  This is a fishing expedition: it might take a lot of bait to catch a fish, but at the end of the day, he only needs one catch of the day.

Usually, the perpetrator makes a demand of payment in bitcoin, so that the money trail is hidden.  Don’t fall for it!

What do do?  Delete immediately.  That gets it out of your sight.  Then be assured the hacker has not cracked into your computer, tablet or smart phone.  That didn’t happen.  Your email account is safe.  If you are still nervous, you could update your email account password, which only you should know.  But that step is totally optional and would not have blocked the fake email from arriving, anyway.  There are email filters you could set up, but the body of the hacker’s email is an image, not text, so text filtering would be ineffective.  There might be some tools available from software companies to block such messages.  Do make sure your own anti-virus software and email filter software applications are up to date.

And rest easy.  Your email box is not threatened.  Time to get back to working on your family studies and enjoy.

Jim Benedict – AFHS Webmaster

Mar 30 2019

World War II interview project and the province of Alberta

The Information Centre Canadian War Cemetery (ICB) in Holten, Netherlands is planning to interview relatives (siblings, spouses, children, other relatives, friends) of deceased soldiers who are buried in Holten. We plan to visit the interviewees at their homes in Canada. Those fallen soldiers from Calgary are listed at the end of this communication

ICB Holten Netherlands Interview Project relates to the province of Alberta where there are the home town places of 60 fallen soldiers. Across Canada, there were 1,394 military who have found their final resting place at the Canadian Military Cemetery at Holten.

The intention of the ICB is to get more Information about the soldiers who are buried in Holten, as well as get an impression of what the loss of a brother, father, son, friend meant for those who left behind. We would like to have your cooperation in finding people, and maybe you yourself might be a good informant to interview.

Please share your thoughts and possible candidates.

If you are not, yourselves, aware of contact information for this fallen soldier, can you kindly advise or send a communication in this regards to a Facebook page for your area, the historical society or museum, a library or archives, the military detachment, the local Royal Canadian Legion branch, and / or the local media for your area?

Where did they live? https://nl.batchgeo.com/map/whereditheylive

This above resource is an excellent interactive map from ICB “Where did they live” also has information on other Canadian soldiers who gave the supreme sacrifice.

Thanks for your help,

Jan Braakman jan.braakman@gmail.com

Volunteer/researcher at ICB

(There is a large time zone difference between Canada and the Netherlands. Central European Standard Time Time zone in Holten, Netherlands GMT+1)

It’s coming up to the 75th Liberation Anniversary remembering May 5, 1945, which is celebrated in the Netherlands. The Canadians fought the Germans who had occupied the Netherlands for five years, and following a nine-month campaign with many lives lost on the battlefield, the Germans capitulated.

If you are wondering about more family relations to these fallen soldiers do a search on Commonwealth War Graves Commission which may provide the names of parents and or spouses. For example:


CWGC gives the additional next of kin information: son of Edna Knutson, of Naicam, Saskatchewan, for the solider Palmer Knutson. (In the search engine for CWGC don’t put in the middle name nor initial)

For further information:


Kind regards,
Julia Adamson

(genealogist/historian at Saskatchewan Gen Web, a liason helping Jan Braakman locate Canadian contacts in regards to the fallen soldiers buried at Canadian War Cemetery Holten, Netherlands. Please forward this information to any potential contacts or sources of research information)

Any assistance you can give regarding contacts in Alberta, surely would be appreciated!

  1. Clark, Lorimer G.; Spr F/75996 Royal Canadian Engineers 28-4-45 11 D 15 Calgary Alberta

  2. Clarke, Thomas E.; Pte M/65705 The Loyal Edmonton Regiment 24-4-45 02 C 04 Calgary Alberta
  3. Greenhalgh, Thomas F.; Capt, Royal Canadian Engineers 10-4-45 10 C 15 Calgary Alberta
  4. Hetherington, Clinton R.; Pte K/2782 The Canadian Scottish Regt 10-4-45 02 A 04 Calgary Alberta
  5. Lee, John J.; Cpl K/45239 The Lake Superior Regiment 09-4-45 09 D 13 Calgary Alberta
  6. Rankin, Harlow D.; Spr M/36887 Royal Canadian Engineers 10-4-45 10 C 16 Calgary Alberta
  7. Sheedy, Matthew M.; Supv. Canadian Army 21-6-45 09 F 11 Calgary Alberta
  8. Wheatley, William; Pte M/37564 The Essex Scottish Regiment 08-7-45 12 A 06 Calgary Alberta
  9. Wilson, John H.; Pte M/5885 The Royal Regiment of Canada 14-4-45 01 E 08 Calgary Alberta

Per Christine Hayes (AFHS):

I’m going to send it to the Military Museums as well.  If you can think of anywhere else to send it where it might get the attention it needs let me know and I can send it.

Mar 28 2019

Calgary United Empire Loyalist meeting this month

Notice of UELAC (United Empire Loyalist Association of Canada):


on Sunday, April 14, 2019 at the Sheraton Cavalier Calgary Hotel, 2620 32nd Avenue NE, Calgary

$40.00 per person (in advance to David Hongisto or at the door)

1:00 pm – Doors open, social time 1:30 pm – Meal 2:30 pm – General Meeting 3:00 pm – Presentation by John Hurdman of 78th Fraser Highlanders

The meal will be butternut squash bisque with toasted coconut, baked chicken supreme with artichokes, black olives, sun dried tomatoes and Pesto sauce and dessert (New York style cheese cake with Bailey’s mocha sauce). If you have any dietary restrictions, please inform us when you RSVP.

Guests are welcome but please inform us of the number attending. Please RSVP to David or Barbara Hongisto, 403-246-2610, or davidhongisto@shaw.ca before April 9, 2019.

Membership fees for 2019 are $45.00 (single) and $65.00 (family living under the same roof) and may be paid at the lunch or in advance to George Tapley at 339 Whitefield Drive NE, Calgary, AB T1Y 5S2. E-mail is gtapley@telusplanet.net

Feb 27 2019

Salt Lake City tour in May

The Medicine Hat & District Genealogical Society (MHDGS) is putting together a motor coach tour of Salt Lake City in May and needs a few more participants to make it happen.  The deadline has been extended to March tenth.

If this interests you, have a look at the poster (click on link, below) and then send in your application quickly or contact Debra Wickham directly at 1-403-952-7843 or email to: dawickham55@gmail.com.

Med Hat SLC Tour 2019 poster

Feb 27 2019

New genealogy search engine

New Genealogy Search Engine at Kincrawler.com

Mentioned in Dick Eastman’s EOGN newsletter of 25 Feb 2019. For public viewing.

Kin Crawler is a web crawler/search engine that works in a similar method as Google but with one major difference: it is constantly crawling the web looking for any pages that pertain solely to genealogy. Once it finds a genealogy-related web site, Kin Crawler indexes each page and puts the words or cache into a database on the Kin Crawler server. The search engine then takes whatever you type in and searches the database for matching words. It then tries to return a list of pages that best match your query.

Kincrawler.com has over 3 million pages in the index so far. These first 2 million crawl has mainly been the free content from the USGenweb, Rootsweb pages, and many other sites that are considered to be good free alternatives to using pay sites. The plan is to expand that “web crawl” to as many genealogy sites as can be identified. If you don’t find what you want on Kin Crawler today, you might return in a few months and try again. By that time, Kin Crawler probably will be expanded significantly.

Kin Crawler is a non-commercial web site, started by and maintained as a personal project by Anthony Marshall. He writes, “My main hobbies are genealogy and web programming so I decided to combine the two in an attempt to make the largest ‘free form’ genealogy specific search engine on the internet. My main goal is to help others find their family history by creating a genealogy search that is completely free and linked to pages that are also completely free.”

You might want to take a look at https://www.kincrawler.com. In fact, you first might want to read the FAQs (Frequently-Asked Questions) at https://www.kincrawler.com/FAQ1.html.