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Sep 17 2017

Family Genes – about

Family Genes

Family Genes is a society project for the preservation of members’ family tree studies.  Using a web-based application, known as TNG, or: “The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding”, our members can upload, display and archive their family information.

Explore the site at Family Genes and check out the dozens of family studies that have been posted.  You might find your ancestors.

The Family Genes group meets during the Genealogy Computing Group sessions on Saturdays.  The meeting are held at the AFHS Library each second Saturday, from 9:30 am until noon, except for the summer months of July and August.

Sep 17 2017


Family Tree Maker TEST

First Saturday of each month, at the AFHS library.

10 am until noon.


Saturday, October 7: 10 am to noon.

FAMILY TREE MAKER USER GROUP: Our October meeting will be on Saturday October 7, 2017 @ 10:00 am. The newest version of the Family Tree Maker software is now available so that we can explore what it has to offer. We will also continue to discuss and help each other with the features of older versions of the software.

You might also want to consider attending the Conference on September 23, 2017 where FTM User Group’s very own Bev Smith will be presenting a session with Marion Peterson called “Our Stories on Our Computer”.

Sep 08 2017

AFHS General Meeting

Genealogy and the Little Ice Age

A presentation by Wayne Shepheard


The next AFHS General Meeting will be at the church on Monday, May 7th at 7 pm.  See the AFHS calendar for location.


The Program:

As genealogists we seek information about our ancestors from as far back in time as possible. That being said, not all researchers may be familiar with the term, but some of the most important records we find were created during the time of the Little Ice Age.

The Little Ice Age was a cool climatic time period that lasted from about AD 1300 to 1850. It was a time in history when, from a physical or environmental standpoint, in comparison to the warm periods that preceded and followed:

  • temperatures around the globe were substantially cooler
  • weather was mostly unstable
  • storms were more frequent and more intense
  • food production was especially challenging
  • living conditions overall were harsh

All of these factors had enormous impact on the lives and livelihoods of people and contributed to famine, spread of disease, social unrest, injury to being and habitat and, in some cases, migration.

Because the Little Ice Age is the time frame that most coincides with genealogical research, it is important to understand the physical conditions under which people lived in order to assemble the most complete histories of families.

This presentation will hopefully bring perspective to the study of the generations of families who lived through the time of the Little Ice Age.

The Speaker:

Wayne Shepheard graduated in Geology from the University of Calgary and spent over 40 years applying his knowledge and expertise in the exploration for oil and gas, primarily in Western Canada. Following retirement, he has spent his time mostly doing family history research, exploring ancestral relationships in North America, Europe and the United Kingdom. Wayne also is active in expanding his interest in, and writing about natural phenomena and their impacts on people and communities.

Wayne lives in Calgary.

Jul 05 2017

Celtic >>

Celtic SIG

The Celtic SIG is for anyone with Scottish and/or Irish Ancestry. We meet on the fourth Saturday of most months (except December, July, and August), at 10:00 a.m. at the AFHS Library.

The April Celtic SIG meeting will be on Saturday, April 28, at the AFHS library.

The topic will be:
History and Searching my Ancestors on the Isle of Bute, Scotland“, presented by Don, one of the members of the SIG.

For further information, contact Susan Butler.

Jul 03 2017

Ontario >>

Ontario SIG

The Ontario SIG will be meeting on Monday, April 23rd, from 10 am until noon, at the AFHS library.

Maps and changes of boundaries, place and geographic name changes have made life interesting for some when researching family in Ontario. We will share our finds and maybe able to help find your elusive place. We welcome all who have ancestors in what is now Ontario.