Sep 17 2017


Family Tree Maker TEST

First Saturday of each month, at the AFHS library.

10 am until noon.


Saturday, October 7: 10 am to noon.

FAMILY TREE MAKER USER GROUP: Our October meeting will be on Saturday October 7, 2017 @ 10:00 am. The newest version of the Family Tree Maker software is now available so that we can explore what it has to offer. We will also continue to discuss and help each other with the features of older versions of the software.

You might also want to consider attending the Conference on September 23, 2017 where FTM User Group’s very own Bev Smith will be presenting a session with Marion Peterson called “Our Stories on Our Computer”.

Sep 08 2017

AFHS General Meeting

November 12: Census Records

The next AFHS General Meeting will be at the Village on Monday, November 12th at 7 pm.

Census records reveal our ancestors’ lives. They tell us where they lived and can indicate when births, marriages or deaths occurred. Census records are often a beginning point for many researchers. Learn where to find them and how to organize and analyze the information you find.

Presenter: Tara Shymanski.

The Village is located at 4039 Brentwood Rd NW.  There is a link to its location on the AFHS calendar .

Jul 05 2017

Celtic >>

Celtic SIG

When: The fourth Saturday of most months (except December, July, and August), at 10:00 a.m. at the AFHS Library.

The Celtic SIG is for anyone with Scottish and/or Irish Ancestry.

Check the AFHS online Calendar for dates of upcoming meetings.

For further information, contact Susan Butler.

Jul 03 2017

Ontario >>

Ontario SIG

When: The Ontario SIG Group meets every other month on the fourth Monday at 10 am, at the AFHS Library.

There will be no meeting in October.

The Ontario SIG will next meet on Monday, November 26th, from 10 am until noon at the library.

The meeting’s topic will be on “Ontario Land Records on Line”.

Check the AFHS online Calendar for dates of upcoming meetings.

For more information contact

Jul 03 2017

Legacy >>

The Legacy SIG

When: The Legacy Users Group meets about four or five times a year, usually on the fifth Saturday and sometimes on Sunday afternoons.

Where: AFHS Library at 712 – 16th Avenue NW

There will be no meeting in October.

We will next meet on Sunday, November 25 from 1:30 to 3:00 pm at the AFHS Library. The topic will be How to Add a Census Record. Please bring your questions, too. Everyone is welcome, from those just considering Legacy to beginners to users with lots of experience. We learn from each other.

Check the AFHS online Calendar for dates of upcoming meetings.

For more information contact:  Marion Peterson.

Date Program
October no meeting
November 25 census records
December 8 TBA
January 12 TBA
February 9 TBA
March 9 TBA
April 13 TBA
May 11 TBA