Hello Everybody, our website is currently being updated.  Some links and Query databases have not yet been migrated over, sorry for the inconvenience. 

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Oct 30 2017

DNA SIG meeting 13 Nov 2017


When: Tuesday, November 14th at 7 pm. (calendar)

Where: AFHS Library at 712 – 16th Avenue NW

We discuss what is happening in the world of genetic genealogy and try to help you make sense of your DNA results.

If you have questions about your DNA test results, remember to bring your NUMBERS – your DNA kit number and your password. If you would like to receive the Thermometer DNA SIG newsletter please contact us at dnasig@afhs.ab.ca and we will add you to the email distribution list.

Oct 29 2017

New AFHS Website

To the members of the Board:

We will be replacing the old html society website with the new version, using the WordPress engine.  This should be accomplished by Monday or Tuesday.  There will be problems, so please be patient with us.  If there are major issues, send an email to me at Webmaster.  Any SIGs that want their meetings posted on the website and also in Windsock, please send me the notices.

  • Jim Benedict
Oct 27 2017

Testing of Windsock on Saturday

Windsock Q&A

We continue with the daily testing of Windsock. Some questions have come in:

  • Why is this going out every day?  I thought Windsock was less frequent.
    • This is a prototype testing of Windsock.  Each day we have some new feature or function to be tested.
    • It is only going out to a very limited list of people at this time: some twenty members on the AFHS Board.
    • Once the testing is finished, Windsock will be rescheduled to whatever we want: weekly, monthly, or other.
  • Can we put the next monthly meeting up?
    • Yes.  The Oct. 25th Windsock featured an article on Tara’s upcoming talk at our next General Meeting.  The homepage “AFHS General Meetings” tile needs to be updated to reflect that.  I’ll take care of it this time, but the Events Coordinator (or someone) will be responsible for the updates once we go live.
  • Can we rearrange the order of appearance of information on Windsock?
    • There are two parts to the answer.  The postings put on the WordPress site will appear in only one section of Windsock, listed in chronological order of creating the posts.  Postings go across from WordPress to Windsock using a technique called RSS, so there are technical restrictions on where posts will appear in Windsock.  That having been said, there is a tremendous advantage in having posts on the AFHS website appearing automatically in Windsock, on a regular schedule.
    • Other than the posts, the order of information on Windsock can be managed by the Windsock editor and the Webmaster.  Both positions are always open for volunteer assistants.
  • At some point, the website and Windsock have to be moved out of prototype and into production.  There is still more testing required, more SIG chairs to be involved in writing posts and in preparing a guidebook for editors.  The next general meeting is in nine days, so the desired target is to send out a Windsock to the members-at-large, with General Meeting information, in advance of the meeting evening.  Hope we make it.
Oct 26 2017

Legacy group on Dec 10

The Legacy SIG

The AFHS Legacy Users Group will meet Sunday, December 10, at the AFHS library (712 16 Ave NW) from 1:30 to 3 pm. Tentative topics include how to add a location, using bookmarks and the To-Do feature. Everyone is welcome to attend – longtime users, new users and people considering Legacy as their genealogy software. For more information contact:  Marion Peterson.

Oct 26 2017

Testing of Windsock on Friday

AFHS Library AFHS Library

Making Progress

The WordPress gang presses onwards.

  • The Calendar module is now live.  We have calendar pages under the main menu >> Calendar and Events >> Calendar.  Check it out.
  • Marion and Warren Peterson will look after the testing of the calendar, including the posting of events and appearance.
  • Marion has been successful at posting from WordPress to MailChimp.  She has a new post on the upcoming Legacy meeting.
  • Michele has also been successful with postings and the calendar.
  • I am cleaning up the appearance of Windsock to be ready for production.  There will still be a “Test” notice near the top.
  • This Windsock edition, and future issues, is going out to the Website Steering Committee and all members of the AFHS board.

To members of the Board, who up to now, have not been seeing these daily missives of the prototype Windsock:

  • I compose the postings anytime in the day.  The system will send Windsock each day, at 7 am, while in test mode.  The system (MailChimp) checks for any unpublished WordPress articles and adds them into the Windsock body.  So, any articles I do today will be in Windsock at 7 am tomorrow.
  • We can include images (see above) and hyperlinks in the Windsock articles.
  • Text styling is also carried over from website to Windsock.
  • Readers can click on links in the Windsock article to see the full article in WordPress.
  • One goal is to allow  authorized members, SIG chairs, Board officers to do their own postings on Windsock, through the website.
  • The Windsock mailout uses MailChimp as a bulk email handler.  We have the MailChimp members list automatically synchronized to the website membership module.  Which means, when Jacquie adds a new member, or deletes one, the MailChimp list should (!) update automatically.
  • If you want to try this, let me know (Jim.Benedict@Benedicts.ca) and I will set you up with a Username/Login.  There is no user manual, not yet, so be prepared to learn on the job.

If you want to read any of the earlier postings, go to the website at annabenedict.ca and click on Events.

Jim Benedict