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Oct 26 2017


Education in a New Land

School children with teacher in front of  school in Ontario about 1900. Wikipedia.com

For most of us, education in Canada appears to have always been as it is now: children go to school at a certain age, they progress through a graded system, they are taught by qualified teachers, they are given instruction in a variety of subjects, and eventually they graduate with a diploma, certificate or degree. This, however, has not always been true. Education in this new country was full of fits and starts, controversy and conflict. Differences occurred at almost all levels from the family, the differing religious and immigrant affiliations, right up through to the governing bodies of the day. If you have a story that will expand Chinook reader’s minds, please send it our way!

Oct 25 2017

Testing of Windsock on Thursday

Marion and Warren are assisting with the testing of the Calendar on the prototype website.  On their suggestion, we are switching to a different calendar plugin, one with a high user rating, and is more powerful for our recurring event dates.  At this time, the Calendar page itself is disabled, but should be back in view in a day or two.

Marion was also able to successfully add a post to Windsock.  Thanks for doing this, Marion.  Michele plans to try a post, regarding Chinook.  If anyone else on the Board wishes to try this, please let me know.  You will need a Username and Login for the WordPress site.  Contact me (Jim.Benedict@Benedicts.ca) and I will send this to you, along with some basic instructions.  If you are in charge of any SIG meetings or groups, we particularly want you to get comfortable with posts that will appear in Windsock.

The end-of-October deadline is looming, and more testing is needed.  One of my goals is to have Windsock, in some format, going out to all our members before the November General Meeting.

Jim Benedict

Oct 24 2017

A Fake News Post

So, should I be watching the Flames game or making a post on the website? Well, since our beloved webmaster requested it, I am giving it a try. Mission accomplished! (I think…)


Oct 24 2017

Windsock appearance for Wednesday

I will be working on the appearance of the Prototype Windsock, tidying up some loose ends.

  • Jim Benedict
Oct 24 2017

Testing of Windsock on Wednesday

Some more testing for Wednesday

The Prototype Windsock has been under test for two days, so far.  The Monday and Tuesday editions were sent out to the AFHS Website Steering Committee.  Successfully.

This edition, and going forward, is also going out to the executive of the Board of AFHS.

Background: These articles, or “postings”, are composed on the prototype AFHS website, in WordPress, located at annabenedict.ca.  I compose a new post, like this one, and save it on the WordPress website.  If you want to see the postings, go to Events on the main menu.

Notes for today:

  • I compose the postings anytime in the day.  The system will send Windsock each day, at 7 am, while in test mode.  The system (MailChimp) checks for any unpublished WordPress articles and adds them into the Windsock body.  So, any articles I do today will be in Windsock at 7 am tomorrow.
  • We can include images (see above) and hyperlinks in the Windsock articles.
  • Text styling is also carried over from website to Windsock.
  • Readers can click on links in the Windsock article to see the full article in WordPress.
  • One goal is to allow  authorized members, SIG chairs, Board officers to do their own postings on Windsock, through the website.
  • The Windsock mailout uses MailChimp as a bulk email handler.  We have the MailChimp members list automatically synchronized to the website membership module.  Which means, when Jacquie adds a new member, or deletes one, the MailChimp list should (!) update automatically.

Prototype Windsock is going out daily, for now, to Website Steering Committee and AFHS executive.  I need feedback.  I will then extend the mailing list to all board members.  Once it looks like this is working, I can then start using the full membership list.  We will adjust the mail-out frequency as desired.

To the AFHS exec; welcome to the Windsock testing.