Jul 03 2017

Family Genes >>

Family Genes

Family Genes is a society project for the preservation of members’ family tree studies.  Using a web-based application, known as TNG, or: “The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding”, our members can upload, display and archive their family information.

Explore the site at Family Genes and check out the dozens of family studies that have been posted.  You might find your ancestors.

The Family Genes group meets during the Genealogy Computing Group sessions on Saturdays.  The meeting are held at the AFHS Library each second Saturday, from 9:30 am until noon, except for the summer months of July and August.

Jun 20 2017

Aug 26: AFHS Summer Picnic

AFHS Summer Picnic

The society will be having their annual summer picnic on Saturday, August 26, again out at Kay Clark’s homestead property, east of the city.  Bring along your goodies and family collectables.


May 13 2017

Genealogy Computing >>

Genealogy Computing Group

Meetings: The Genealogy Computing Group meets on the second Saturday at 10 am.

Where: AFHS Library at 712 – 16th Avenue NW

Check the AFHS online Calendar for dates of upcoming meetings.

Date Program
October 13 no meeting
November 10 Remembrance Day Research
December 8 New version of TNG: features
January 12 TNG and DNA tests
February 9 TBA
March 9 TBA
April 13 TBA
May 11 TBA
May 13 2017

English/Welsh >>

English/Welsh SIG

When: The English/Welsh SIG next meeting is on Saturday February 16, 10-noon at the AFHS library

The topic will be: Hereditary Diseases & Finding Medical Records. An example will track the gene for Huntington’s Disease back five generations through descriptions of its symptoms. The term “Huntington’s” was not used until Generation 3 and even then there was no awareness that the disease was hereditary.

The meeting is open to anyone with an interest in the topic -further examples of hereditary diseases would be welcome.

Ann Williams, SIG Coordinator englishwelshsig@afhs.ab.ca

Date Program
January 19 Weather events and our ancestors
February 16 Hereditary Diseases & Finding Medical Records
March 16 TBA
April 20 TBA
May 13 2017

SIGs >>

These groups hold their own meetings at places and times determined by the participants. The latest times/places can also be found on our online Calendar. Where the AFHS Library is referenced, it is at 712 – 16 Avenue NW.