FamilyRoots 2018 DNA Conference 2018

Beyond Ethnicity: Finding Family with DNA

  • Date: Monday and Tuesday, October 1-2, 2018
  • Location: River Park Church and Fort Calgary
  • Program and Registration, go to: FamilyRoots2018
Oct 23 2017

Testing of Windsock on Tuesday

Some more testing for Tuesday

This post is going out to the Website Steering Committee members: Sheila, Michele, Marion, Jacquie and Heather, and also to Jason.  Let me know if you receive this in a Windsock format and if it looks okay.

The prime goal this week is to ensure we can get any new postings on the prototype AFHS website to be inserted into Windsock.  The test Windsock e-newsletter is scheduled (right now) to go out at 7 am each day, if there is new content available in the website.  If this works, then we will start including the board members in this test run.  I also hope that we can categorize the postings (SIG, General Meeting, events, other society events, and so on) so they are nicely grouped into sections on the Windsock.

We still have a looming deadline of the end of this month to switch over to the new website.  Lots more work yet to be done.

Jim Benedict

Oct 22 2017

Testing of Windsock on Monday

Test Text for Monday

There should be two posts for today.  This one is pure test text.

Oct 22 2017

Testing of Windsock

Test, Test and more Testing of Windsock

This Windsock edition is a test.  It is being fed posts coming directly and automatically from the prototype AFHS website at: AnnaBenedict.  Only the AFHS Website Steering Committee is on this test run.

What we have at this point:

  • We have two tools: the AFHS website in WordPress, and MailChimp with AFHS login.  MailChimp is a bulk emailing application (free for us).
  • On the AFHS WP site: installed a plugin that synchronizes MailChimp with WordPress and allows a posting feed to go across.
  • MailChimp syncing also keeps the MailChimp email list in sync with the AFHS membership list.  No more double-entry.
  • Dawn had set up a MailChimp account for the Society.  I am using that for testing, and soon, for production.
  • The MailChimp test email list currently has all the Website Steering Committee emails.  You will be receiving test Windsocks over the next few days.
  • Set up an RSS feed from WordPress to MailChimp.  That is tech talk for automating the WordPress postings going into MailChimp e-newsletter.
  • The RSS feed was tested today.  This is the second test.

Note: posts have to be new posts, not sent to MailChimp previously.  That means we cannot just edit posts and expect them to be published.

I now need some fresh postings to add to WordPress.  Then I need volunteers willing to log into WordPress and add their own postings.  Keep in mind this is restricted distribution.

This will be the last post for tonight.  Then we can do it again, tomorrow, and the next day, and …

Oct 22 2017

General Meeting on Nov. 6

The next General Meeting will be at the church on Monday evening November 6th at 7 pm.  Program TBD.

Sep 20 2017

English/Welsh SIG – about

English Welsh SIG

English/Welsh SIG

Saturday, September 16: 10 am to noon.

Next Saturday (Sep 16th), the English/Welsh SIG has it’s first meeting of the season (10 a.m. – noon at the AFHS library) when we’ll have an Internet Quiz plus an introduction to the treasures of the AFHS library.  Everyone welcome.

Ann Williams, SIG Co-ordinator

Anyone with English or Welsh ancestry in their family tree are welcome to come and meet other genealogists with similar interests. Meetings take place in the AFHS library on the third Saturday of each month, from 10 am until noon.

What can this SIG offer?

  • expertise in English genealogy
  • small group discussion
  • individual help with specific problems
  • AFHS library – English section and the convenience of extra browsing time