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Title YearAuthor PublisherCall NoFormat
1981 National Genealogical Directory0Burchall929.4BURC1981book - soft
1982-3 National Genealogical Directory0Burchall929.4BURC1982book - soft
1984 National Genealogical Directory0Burchall929.4BURC1984book -
1985 National Genealogical Directory0Burchall929.4BURC1985book -
1988 National Genealogical Directory0Caley929.4CALEY1988book -
200 Year History & Genealogy Of The Lewis Family0Lewis929.2LEWIbook - soft
American Surnames0SmithUSA929.4SMITbook -
Ancestors of Exzelia Elizabeth Boudreau0MaddenSenet929.2MADDv.1book - soft
Ancestors of Exzelia Elizabeth Boudreau0MaddenSenezaque929.2MADDv.2book - soft
Ancestors of Lucille G. Roxburgh0RoxburghGifford929.2ROXBbook - soft
Annis Annals0 1638 1931Annis929.2CASWbook - soft
Ault Genealogy0Ault929.2AULTbook -
Barton Family Lineages0DyerChalupa929.2DYER2002book - soft
Bears Of Winnipeg0HatBearce929.2HAY1995book - soft
Bell & Smith Connections In Britain0 CanadaBell929.2PHILVol. 2book - soft
Bell Family0BellMcElwain929.2BELLbook - soft
Bradshaw And Related Families0Wright929.2WRIG1985book -
Branches - Smith Family0Inkster929.2INKS2000book - soft
Brief History Of The Buscheert/Boschert's & Related Families0Higham929.2HIGHbook - soft
Canadian Rose Roots0Mooney929.2MOONbook - binder
Clues To Our Family Names0Stein929.4STEI1988book - soft
Clues To Our Family Names0Stein929.4STEI1986book - soft
Copeland Family0Bell929.2BELL1978book -
Cornelius Family In America0Cornelius929.2CORN1926book - soft
Dallenbachs In America0 1935 - 1979Dallenbach929.2TALLbook -
Dallenbachs In America0DillenbeckDillenback929.2DILLbook -
Descendants of Aeneas Clarke0HulbertStead929.2HULB1995book - soft
Descendants of Christian Barkley U.E.L.0CookBarkley929.2COOK1987book -
Descendants of Lt. William Graves0Thorpe929.2THOR# 3book - soft
Descendants of Mathias Barkley0Vander Baaren929.2VAND1988book -
Descendants of Oliver Thorpe0 A New England PlanterThorpe929.2THOR# 1book - soft
Descendants of Oliver Thorpe0ThorpeEdgerton929.2THOR# 4book - soft
Descendants of Richard Houghton0ThorpeDonohue929.2THOR# 5book - soft
Descendents of William Gordon0GordonLowery929.2GORDbook - soft
Dickin History0 Western CanadaDickin929.2DICKbook - soft
Dictionary of Surnames0Cottle929.4COTT1987book - soft
Dillabough Book0Vander BaarenDillenbach929.2VANDbook -
Dodds Genealogy0DoddsFoster929.2DODDbook - soft
Eastern Passage to the Alaska Highway0Gingrich929.2GING1986book -
Easton Family of Dalhousie Twp. ON0Russell929.2RUSS1998book - soft
Ellerbe Family History0Ellerbe929.2ELLE1986book -
Emigrant Ancestors Of A Lieutenant Governor of Ontario0Merriman929.2MERRbook - soft
Everyman's Dictionary Of First Names0Dunkling929.4DUNK1983book -
Family History from the Perspective of Mormon Wo0Cannon929.2WORLbook -
Family History of Andreas and Magdalena (Mowes) Wi0WidmerMowes929.2WIDMbook - soft
Family History of Archibald Adare McKellar From Scotland To Canada0Denning929.2DENN2001book - soft
Farquharsons in Canada0Taylor929.2TAYL1984book - soft
First Name Variants0Bardsley929.4BARD2003book - soft
From Beer Keg To Cream Can0SauveHinz929.2SAUV1992book - soft
From Unknown to Known0 the Story of John Attridge's Family929.2ATTR2003book
Frude Genealogy0ThorpePorter929.2THOR# 2book - soft
Fyvie Family History 20030Fyvie929.2FYVIE2003CD
Gabriel and George Kerr Families and Descendants0Mayhew929.2MAYHbook - soft
Gard Og Aett I Sola0Refheim929.2AALGVol. 2book -
Gards Og Aettesoga0Edlandwritten in Danish929.2EDLAVol. 1book -
Garnet Gems0Trevithick929.2TREVbook - soft
Genealogical Research Directory 19850Johnston929.4JOHN1985book - soft
Genealogical Research Directory 19850Johnston929.4JOHN1986book - soft
Genealogical Research Directory 19870Johnston929.4JOHN1987book - soft
Genealogical Research Directory 19880Johnston929.4JOHN1988book -
Genealogical Research Directory 19890Johnston929.4JOHN1989book - soft
Genealogical Research Directory 19900Johnston929.4JOHN1990book - soft
Genealogical Research Directory 19910Johnston929.4JOHN1991book - soft
Genealogical Research Directory 19920Johnston929.4JOHN1992book - soft
Genealogical Research Directory 19930Johnston929.4JOHN1993book -
Genealogical Research Directory 19940Johnston929.4JOHN1994book - soft
Genealogical Research Directory 19950Johnson929.4JOHN1995book - soft
Genealogical Research Directory 19960Johnston929.4JOHN1996book -
Genealogical Research Directory 19970Johnston929.4JOHN1997book - soft
Genealogical Research Directory 19980Johnston929.4JOHN1998book - soft
Genealogical Research Directory 19990Johnston929.4JOHN1999book - soft
Genealogical Research Directory 20000Johnston929.4JOHN2000book - soft
Genealogical Research Directory 20010Johnston929.4JOHN2001CD
Genealogical Research Directory 20010Johnston929.4JOHN2001book - soft
Genealogical Research Directory 20020Johnston929.4JOHN2002book - soft
Genealogical Research Directory 20040Johnston929.4JOHN2004book - soft
Genealogical Services Directory0Blatchford929.4BLAT2000book - soft
Genealogy and Biography of The Luttrell Family0Luttrell929.2LUTT1893book -
Genealogy of A Branch of The Good Family0Good922.GOODbook - soft
Genealogy of Henry Cowan and His Descendants0Crozier929.2CROZ1981book -
Gildersleeve - Owens Pioneer Loggers in B.C.0SiroisOwens929.2SIRO1997book - soft
Grandma Was A Davis0GibsonBarrows929.2MGIB1992book -
Graves Family Story0Rohl (Osborne)929.2GRAVbook - soft
Guinness Book of Names0Dunkling929.4DUNKbook - soft
Haasdijk Family0 A History From 1683 ToHaasdijk929.2HAASbook -
Hamlin Family - Capt. Giles Hamilin0Andrews929.2ANDR1900book -
Herbert and Watkins Families of London0Westbury (Watkins)Herbert929.2WEST1999book -
Higges0 Or Higgs FamilyHiggs929.2HIGG1933book -
History and Genealogy of the Vaughn Family0Vaughan929.2VAUGbook - soft
History of the Fyvie Family0Fyvie929.2FYVIbook - soft
Homesteads Harvests History0Westherill929.2WESTbook - soft
Hoovers Through the Ages0Hoover929.2HOOV1998book -
Hoyland Gards-Og Aettesoge0PetersenDanes in genealogy too929.2PETE1987book - hard
If Trunks Could Talk0WirtzfeldBelyea929.2WIRT2001book -
Inheritance Of English Surmanes0Haggett929.4HAGG1987book - soft
Irish Rudd Family 1760 - 19880RuddWellwood929.2RUDD1992book -
Joel Davis Parker of Hatley0 QuebecParker929.2SMIT1893book -
John & Jane Smith From Thirsk0 YorkshireThirsk929.2EWBAbook - soft
John Mayo of Roxbury0 MassachusettsMayo929.2MAYObook -
Joseph Taylor0 Jr. & Sarah Best FamilyTaylor929.2FRANVol 1book
Kinnear's Mills0KinnearWilson929.2KINN1971book -
Kinnear's Mills0KinnearWilson929.2KINN1971book
Kuehn Family Scrapbook0KuehnDittmann929.2KUEHbook - soft
Lewis / Cromwell Connection0LewisCromwell929.2LEWI1992book - soft
Life and Times of Joseph Gould0HigginsGold929.2HIGGbook -
Love of Land and Language0JefferiesJerffries929.2JEFFbook - soft
Lunds Historie II0Busethwritten in Danish929.2BUSEbook -
McDonald Family of Cochrane & The Mount Royal Ranche0Roseneder929.2ROSE1993book - soft
McNarrys circa 1750 - 19500Meldrum929.2MELD1995book -
Meek Family of Washington County0 VirginiaMeek929.2FLUHbook -
Minnie and Claus and Many More0WatkinAnderson929.2WATK1995book -
My Memories0OsborneGraves929.2OSBObook - soft
Name of Dingwall Fordyce In Aberdeenshire0Dingwall Fordyce929.2DING1885fiche
Nelkenbrecher Family History0Nelkenbrecher929.2NELKbook - soft
Nellie0 Missionary in China to Farmer's Wife in Canada part BNuntly929.2KERRBbook - soft
Nellie0 Missionary in China to Farmer's Wife in Canada part AHuntly929.2KERRAbook - soft
Nicknames: Past and Present0Rose929.4ROSEbook - soft
Numbering The Survivors0Houston929.2HOUS1979book -
O'Brien - Hamel - Levasseur Line0O'BrienHamel929.2OBRIbook - soft
Obituaries From The Times: 1951-19600Roberts929.4ROBE1960book -
Obituaries From The Times: 1961-19700Roberts929.4ROBE1970book -
One Branch of The Sprague Family0SpragueBlack929.2SPRA1972book -
Origin of the McKennas with a history of the sept0Mathews941.5MATH1972book -
Origin of the O'Dohertys0Mathews941.5MATH1978book -
Our Christmas At Home On A Manitoba Homestead In The 1920s0Burtonshaw929.2BURTbook -
Our Nordic - Viking Roots0VanSickle929.2VANS# 5book - soft
Our Nordic - Viking Roots0VanSickle929.2VANS1997book - soft
Our Nordic - Viking Roots0VanSickle929.2VANS1880book - soft
Our Nordic - Viking Roots0VanSickle929.2VANS# 8book - soft
Our Nordic - Viking Roots0VanSickle929.2VANS#1 & 2book - soft
Our Nordic - Viking Roots0VanSickle929.2VANS# 3+book - soft
Our Nordic - Viking Roots0VanSickle929.2VANS# 4book - soft
Oxford Dictionary of English Christian Names0Withycombe929.4WITHbook -
Pochon Family0Pochon929.2POCHbook - soft
Poulton Priory 1973 -19820Jackson929.2JACK1983book -
Rempel Family Calendar0Rempel929.2REMPbook - soft
Rise & Fall Of Stakes Hill Lodge: 1800 -19730NewtonJackson929.2NEWTbook -
Romance Of The Palatine Millers0Tucker929.2TUCK1929book -
Roochon Branch0Enevoldsen929.2ENEVbook - soft
Roots & Branches: The Ingwald Anderson - Idella Edwards Family Tree0AndersonAnderson929.2ANDE2000book - soft
Ross Family Letters 1861 - 18640Wright929.2WRIG1861film
Rowntree Book0McQuillan929.2MCQUbook -
Seward Family History0Sefton Ellis929.4SEWA1985book - soft
Some Decendants of Daniel Huntley & Susannah Beckwith0ThorpeBeckwith929.2THOR# 6book - soft
Some Descendants of Simon Newton Porter and Elizabeth Porter0Thorpe929.2THOR# 7book - soft
Some Descendants of Simon Porter and Jane Power of Kings County0 Nova ScotiaPorter929.2THOR# 8book - soft
Some Folk Called Him J.J.0Jarvis929.2JARVbook - soft
Some Wilsons And Their Kin0WilsonMyers929.2WILS1987book - soft
Sparks family history0Patterson929.2PATTabook - binder
Stephenson Story and Genealogy0Lendrum929.2LEND2002book - soft
Surnames & Genealogy: A New Approach0Redmonds929.4REDM2002book - soft
T.E. Rinkel Family In America0Rinkel929.2RINK1991book - soft
The Gentle Johnston/es0HoneyJohnstones929.2HONEbook - soft
The Van Valkenburg Family in America0Van Valkenburg929.2VanVVol. 1book - hard
The Van Valkenburg Family in America0Van Valkenburg929.2VanVVol. 2book - hard
They Fought For Lost Causes0Clute929.2CLUTbook - soft
Two-Hundred & Fifty Year History & Genealogy Of The Francis Powell0LewisBurr929.2LEWI1993book - soft
Unpublished Personal Name Indexes In record Offices And Libraries0Gibson929.4GIBS1989book - soft
Veteran of 18120 James FitzgibbonFitzgibbon929.2FITZ1894book - soft
Walker Heritage - A Family History0Lewis929.2LEWI1996book - soft
Well0 I Guess I Was Just Lucky!!Cade929.2CADE1992book - soft
What Name Did You Get?0Hodgson929.2HODG1995book - soft
Wilkinson Family - Yorkshire0Parker929.2PARK1995book - soft
Your Uncommon Surname0Cartmel929.42CARTbook - soft