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0Churchtown (St. Helens) Burials Index - Anomalies942.BROOv 1
1851 Census Gloucestershire & Southern Warwickshire0Beavington941.1BEAV1851SCD
1851 Census Records0Mallaby941.1MALL1993book - soft
1851 Censuses of Eastern Somerset plus Bristol & Gloucestershire0Beavington941.1BEAV1851ECD
1901 English Census demonstration0Dussomecensus942.DUSS2003book - soft
1901 Irish Census Index-Fermanagh County0Meehan941.5MEEHbook - soft
1990 National Genealogical Directory0Caley942.CALE1990book - soft
A Life In Linenopolis0Topping941.5TOPP1992book - soft
A-Z Of British Genealogical Research0Emery941.EMER1999book -
Addington0 Kent Parish Reg. 1562-1812942.KENT65fiche
Administrative Records for Surrey & Sussex Genealogists0Raymond942.RAYM49book - soft
Administrative Records for Yorkshire Genealogists0Raymond942.RAYM38book - soft
All Sorts & Conditions Worsbrough 1800-250Thomson942.THOM1986book - soft
An Ordinary Of Arms0Paul941.1PAUL1969book -
Ancestor Trail In Ireland A Companion Guide0Begley941.5BEGL1982book - soft
Ancestral Trails0Herber942.HERB1997book -
Ancient Monuments Society0Meirion-Jones942.MEIR1988book - soft
Annals of The Poor0McLaughlin942.MCLA#10book - soft
Atlas of British History0Gilbert941.GILB1968book -
B.C. Genealogical Society Irish Interest Group Index0Robinson941.5ROBI1996book - soft
Bartholomews0Clan Map941.1BARTCLANmap
Basic Facts About Archives0Lumas929.1LUMA1997book - soft
Beginning Your Family History0Pelling929.1PELL1998book -
Beginning Your Family History0Pelling942.PELL1982book - soft
Birmingham the Great Working City0ChinnMidlands942.CHIN1994book - soft
Birth & Death Certificates England & Wales 1837-19690Dixon942.DIXO1999book - soft
Bishops' Transcripts & Marriage Licences0Gibson942.GIBS# 18book - soft
British Family History On CD0Raymond942.RAYM45book - soft
British Genealogical Books In Print0Raymond942.RAYM32book - soft
British Genealogical Microfiche0Raymond942.RAYM31book - soft
British Infantry Colours0Lemonofidesmilitary940.LEMObook - soft
British Military Badges and Buttons0Wilkinson - Lathammilitary940.WILKbook - soft
Buckinghamshire0Raymond942.RAYM3book - soft
Cadogan Ireland0Day941.5DAY1991book - soft
Campany & Business Records For Family Historians0Probert941.PROB1994book - soft
Celebrating Ulster's Townlands0Muhr941.5MUHR1999book - soft
Census Index0 Uxbridge District 1851942.WMFH1851fiche
Census Records For Scottish Families At home & Abroad0Johnson941.1JOHNbook - soft
Census Returns of England & Wales0Lumas942.LUMA1992book - soft
Cheshire Genealogical Sources0Raymond942.RAYM8book - soft
Cheshire Histories & Pedigrees0Raymond942.RAYM9book - soft
Children of The Troubles0Holliday941.5HOLL1997book - soft
Chilterns To Black Country0Grigson941.GRIG#5book -
Church Registers0Gibbens200.GIBB# 2book - soft
Civil Registration0Wood942.WOOD2000book - soft
Civil Registration0Dark942.DARK# 2book - soft
Country Life0Butcher941.BUTC1970book - hard
Cumberland & Westmorland0Raymond942.RAYM19book - soft
Cumberland Contiguous Parishes0Allen942.CUMB1998book - soft
Current Publications on Microfiche By Member Societies0Perkins941.PERK2002CD
Debrett's Family Historian0Currer-Briggs929.1CURRbook -
Descendant Tracing0Wood941.WOOD2002book - soft
Diary of an Irish Countryman 1827 - 18350Bhaldraithe941.5BHAL1979book - soft
Dictionary of British History0Kenyon941.KENY1992book -
Dictionary of Genealogical Sources In The POR0Colwell942.COLW1992book -
Dictionary of Scottish Emigrants To Canada Before Confederation0Whyte941.1WHYTVol 3book - soft
Dictionary of Scottish Emigrants To Canada Before Confederation0Whyte941.1WHYTVol 2book - soft
Dictionary of Scottish Emigrants To Canada Before Confederation0Whyte941.1WHYTVol 1book - soft
Dictionary of Ulster Place-Names0MaKay941.5MCKA1999book - soft
Dilton0 Bishop's Transcripts & Parish Registers - Baptisms 1585 - 1837vital records942.WILTDILTfiche
Directory Of Aberdeenshire0Hall941.ABD1837fiche
Directory of Genealogy0Fitzhugh929.941FITZbook -
Directory of Lanarkshire0Hall941.LKS1837fiche
Directory Of Midlothian0Hall941.MLN1837fiche
Directory Of Scottish Newspapers0Ferguson941.1FERG1984book - soft
Directory of Speakers0Park942.PARK2002book - soft
Discovering English County Regiments0Taylormilitary940.TAYLbook - soft
Discovering Your Scottish Roots0James941.1JAME1981book - soft
Domesday A Search For The Roots Of England0Wood942.WOOD1986book - soft
Domesday: A Search For The Roots Of England0Wood941.WOODbook - soft
East Midlands And The Peak0Grigson941.GRIG#8book -
East Norfolk Poll & Register 18350Beal942.BEALXXIVbook -
EIRphile [Numbers 1 to 6]0Morris941.5EIREtitle - periodical
Elusive Irish Immigrant0Rencher941.5RENC# 2tape
Emigrants & Expats0Kershaw942.KERS2002book - soft
England's PRO0 How To Search Pamphlets Index942.PRObook - soft
English & Welsh Census Returns 1841 - 18910Dark942.DARK# 3book - soft
English Counties0Joad942.JOADbook -
English Family Research0Konrad942.KONRbook - soft
English Genealogical Sources0Wilson929.1WILS1981book - soft
English Genealogy0Raymond942.RAYM2book - soft
English Genealogy: bibliography of Calgary holdings0Roseneder942.ROSE1981book - soft
English Nonconformity For Family Historians0Gandy942.GAND1998book - soft
English Parish Church0Randall942.RANDbook -
Enjoying Archives0Iredale929.1IRED1985book -
Faces of Ireland0Walker941.5WALK1992book - hard
Family Historian's Enquire Within0Saul941.SAUL1995book - soft
Family History Knowledge UK 1992/30Park941.PARK1992book - soft
Family History Research in Glamorgan0Davies942.9DAVI1998book - soft
Family History Research In Lancashire0Hirst942.HIRSbook - soft
Family History Research In Yorkshire0Litton942.LITT1995book - soft
Family History Research Kit For England & Wales0Christensen942.CHRI1993book - soft
Family Names of County Cork0O MurchadhaSurnames941.5OMUR1986book - soft
Family Tree Detective0Rogers929.1ROGE1989book
Fast sailing and copper-bottomed - Aberdeen sailing ships and the emigrant Scots they carried to Canada 1774-18550Campey941.1CAMP2002book - soft
Finding The Places Of Origin For Your Englaish Ancestors0Eakle942.EAKL1995tape
Finding Your English & Welsh Ancestors0Christensen942.CHRI1997book - soft
Finding Your Irish Ancestors0Christensen941.5CHRIH - 2book - soft
First List of Islay People0Booth941.1BOOTv 1book - soft
Forms For Finding Yours English & Welsh Ancestors ...0Christensen942.CHRIformsbook - soft
Galway Roots [Volume V]0Mannion941.5GALWtitle - periodical
Gazetteer Of Scotland0Munro941.1MUNR1973book -
Genealogical Gazetteer Of England0Smith942.SMIT1987book -
Genealogical Resources in English Repositories0Moulton942.MOULbook -
Genealogist's Encyclopedia0Pine941.PINE1971book - soft
Gentry 1540 -16400Trevor-Roper942.TREVbook - soft
Gloucestershire and Bristol0Raymond942.RAYM10book - soft
Great Hunger0Woodham-Smith941.5WOOD1962book
Grenham's Irish Surnames0Grenhamsurnames941.5GRENCD
Gretna Green0Sinclair941.SINC1989book -
Growth of British Education And Its Records0Chapman942.CHAP1992book - soft
Guide To Ancestral Research In London0Dunn942.DUNNbook - soft
Guide to Genealogical Sources In Guildhall Library0Harvey942.HARV1988book - soft
Guide to Irish Roots0Durning941.5DURN1986book - soft
Hampshire0Raymond942.RAYM11book - soft
Hampshire Machine Breakers: The story of the 1830 Riots0Chambers942.CHAMB1996book - soft
Handbook On Irish Genealogy0Begley941.5BEGL1984book - soft
Hearth Tax & Association Oath Rolls0Gibson942.GIBS# 16book - soft
Hebrides0Murray941.1MURR1966book -
Highland Clearances0Sanderson941.1SANDbook - soft
Historical Maps of Ireland0Swift941.5SWIF1999book - hard
History0 Gazetteer & Directory of Staffordshire942.STAFfiche
History of Scotland0Hanley941.1HANLbook -
History of the Scottish People 1560 - 18300Smout941.1SMOU1969book - soft
History of Wales0Davies942.9DAVI1993book
History's Midwives including a C17th & C18th Yorkshire Midwives Nominations Index0Grundy942.GRUN2003book - soft
Home Children0Lorente392.13LORE1999video
How Much Is That Worth ?0Munby941.MUNBbook - soft
How The Great Western Came To Berkshire0Phillips942.PHIL1998book - soft
How the Irish Saved Civilization0Cahil941.5CAHI1995book
How to Locate And Use Manorial Records0Palgrave - Moore941.PAMO1985book - soft
Huntingdonshire Contiguous Parishes0Allen942.HUNT1998book - soft
Identifying Your World War 1 Soldier0Swinnertonmilitary940.SWIN# 3book - soft
In Search of Army Ancestry0Hamilton - Edwardsmilitary940.HAMI1977book - hard
In Search of Forlorn Hope0Kitzmillermilitary940.KITZSuppbook - soft
In Search of Forlorn Hope0Kitzmillermilitary940.KITZV. 1book -
In Search of Forlorn Hope0Kitzmillermilitary940.KITZV. 2book -
In Search of Scottish Ancestry0Hamilton-Edwards941.1HAMI1986book - hard
In Search Of Scottish Ancestry. 2nd edition0Hamilton-Edwards941.1HAMI1986book - hard
In Search of The Forlorn Hope0Kitzmillermilitary940.KITZ1988fiche
In Search of Your British & Irish Roots0Baxter941.BAXT1991book - soft
Index of Pre 1855 Gravestones0Booth941.1BOOTbook - soft
Index to Census Registration Districts 1841 -18910Rosier942.ROSI1992book - soft
Index to Oxfordshire Census 18510Kearsey942.KEARVol.7book -
Index to Oxfordshire Census 18510Kearsey942.KEARVol.4book -
Index to Oxfordshire Census 18510Kearsey942.KEARVol.5book -
Index to Oxfordshire Census 18510Kearsey942.KEARVol.6book -
Index to Oxfordshire Census 18510Kearsey942.KEARVol.3book -
Index to Oxfordshire Census 18510Kearsey942.KEARVol.9book -
Index to Oxfordshire Census 18510Kearsey942.KEARVol.10book -
Index to Oxfordshire Census 18510Kearsey942.KEARVol.11book -
Index to Oxfordshire Census 18510Kearsey942.KEARVol.12book -
Index to Oxfordshire Census 18510Kearsey942.KEARVol.8book -
Index to Oxfordshire Census 18510Kearsey942.KEARVol.2book -
Index to Oxfordshire Census 18510Kearsey942.KEARVol. 1book -
Information Sources For Surrey & Sussex Genealogists0Raymond942.RAYM47book - soft
Information Sources For Yorkshire Genealogists0Raymond942.RAYM36book - soft
Intermediate Guide To Salt Lake City Librabry English Research Sources0Rogers942.ROGEbook - soft
Introduction To Irish Ancestry0Quinn941.5QUINN1990book -
Introduction To Irish Research0Davis941.5DAVI1994book - soft
Ireland0Orme941.5ORME1970book - hard
Ireland : 1841/1851 Census Abstracts (Northern Ireland)0MastersonCensus941.5MASTN.IREbook
Ireland Research0Smart941.5SMARbook - soft
Ireland: 1841/1851 Census Abstracts (Republic of Ireland)0MastersonCensus941.5MASTREPUbook
Irish & Scotch - Irish Ancestral Research0Falley941.5FALLVol. 2book - hard
Irish & Scotch - Irish Ancestral Research0Falley941.5FALLVol. 1book - hard
Irish Church & Graveyards0Mitchell941.5MITC1990book -
Irish Family History0Yurdan941.5YURDbook - soft
Irish Family History0Davis941.5DAVI1997book - soft
Irish Genealogy0Rencher941.5RENCtape
Irish Genealogy: Bibliographical Guide - Calgary0Roseneder941.5ROSE1983book - soft
Irish Rebellion of 17980Myers941.5MYER1995book -
Irish Records0Ryan941.5RYANbook -
Irish Records Sources For Family & Local History0Ryan941.5RYAN1988book -
Irish Research0 Maps And Addresses941.5RESAbook -
Irish Research Information from the Irish SIG - September 2001 to June 20020Irish SIG941.5ISIG2002book - binder
Irish Research Information from the Irish SIG - September 2001 to June 20020Irish SIG941.5ISIG2003book - binder
Irish Roots Guide0McCarthy941.5MCCA1991book - soft
Irregular Marriage In London Before 17540Benton942.BENT1993book - soft
Island of Jersey Today0Maugham941.MAUG1950book -
Jacobites Of The '150Dobson941.1DOBS1993book - soft
Jersey: An Isle Of Romance0Elliott941.ELLI1923book -
Kent - A Genealogical Bibliography0Raymond942.RAYM21book - soft
Kinship & Mobility in Early Modern England0Dingle942.DING1997book
Lakes to Tyneside0Grigson941.GRIG#10book -
Lancashire Genealogical Sources0Raymond942.RAYM5book - soft
Legends of Somerset0Jones942.JONE1984book -
Lincolnshire0Raymond942.RAYM7book - soft
List of Emigrants From England To America0KaminkowEmigration974.KAMIbook
Lists of Londoners0Gibson942.GIBS# 22book - soft
Lists of Londoners0Gilbson J. & Creaton942.GIBS# 22book - soft
Lives and Times of Our English Ancestors0Smith942.SMITV 1book - soft
Lives And Times of Our English Ancestors0Smith942.SMITVol 2book -
Lives And Times of Our English Ancestors0Smith942.SMITV 2book - soft
Lloyd's of London: Outline0Beeman906.BEEMbook -
Local Newspapers 1750 - 19200Gibson942.GIBS# 7book - soft
Location of British Army Records - 1914-19180Holdingmilitary940.HOLD# 3book - soft
London In The Eighteenth Century0Dymoke941.DYMObook - soft
London Labour And The London Poor0Mayhew941.MAYHbook - soft
Lunatics In England & Wales0Faithfull942.FAITH2002book -
Making Use Of The Census0Lumas942.LUMA1997book - soft
Manorial Records: An Introduction To Their Transcription and Translation0Stuart941.STUAbook -
Members Interest Directory 19970 T&DHS941.1TROO1997fiche
Metropolitan [Numbers 075 to 0950 and 1501 to 1904]942.LONDtitle - periodical
Military & Naval Records0Darkmilitary942.DARK# 8book - soft
Militia Lists and Musters 1757-18760Gibsonmilitary940.GIBS1994book - soft
Miscellanea Genealogica et Heraldica : Families0Raymond942.RAYM15book - soft
Miscellanea Genealogica et Heraldica : Families0Raymond942.RAYM16book - soft
Modern Place - Names In Great Britain And Ireland0Room941.ROOMbook - soft
Monumental Inscriptions on the Web0Raymond942.RAYM52book - soft
More Sources of World War I Army Ancestry0Holdingmilitary940.HOLD# 2book -
My Ancestors Moved In England or Wales0Camp941.CAMP# 3book - soft
My Ancestors were Manorial Tenants0Park942.PARKbook - soft
National Index Parish Registers London & Middlesex0Webb942.WEBBVol 9book - soft
Naval Records for Genealogoists0RodgerMilitary940.RODG1988book - soft
New Genealogical Atlas of Ireland0Mitchell941.5MITC1988book - soft
Norfolk0Raymond942.RAYM20book - soft
Norfolk & The Broads0Hammond942.HAMM1973book -
Norwich Archdeaconry Marriage Licence Bonds 1813-18370Hood942.HOODXXIIIbook -
Nottinghamshire 1891 Census Index # 60 E. Retford RD & Workshop RDCensus942.NOTT1891fiche
Nottinghamshire Contiguous Parishes0Allen942.NOTT1998book - soft
Nottinghamshire Parish Registers0 Marriages 1558-1812vital records942.NOTTMAR 10microfiche
Nottinghamshire Parish Registers0 Marriages 1570-1812vital records942.NOTTMAR 08microfiche
Nottinghamshire Parish Registers0 Marriages 1559-1812vital records942.NOTTMAR 11microfiche
Nottinghamshire Parish Registers0 Marriages 1538-1812vital records942.NOTTMAR 07microfiche
Nottinghamshire Parish Registers0 Marriages 1552-1818vital records942.NOTTMAR 09microfiche
Nottinghamshire Parish Registers0 Marriages 1540-1812vital records942.NOTTMAR 06microfiche
Nottinghamshire Parish Registers0 Marriages 1555-1812vital records942.NOTTMAR 05microfiche
Nottinghamshire Parish Registers0 Marriages 1538-1812vital records942.NOTTMAR 04microfiche
Nottinghamshire Parish Registers0 Marriages 1538-1814vital records942.NOTTMAR 03microfiche
Nottinghamshire Parish Registers0 Marriages 1539-1812vital records942.NOTTMAR 02microfiche
Nottinghamshire Parish Registers0 Marriages 1538-1812vital records942.NOTTMAR 01microfiche
Nottinghamshire Parish Registers0 Marriages 1538-1838vital records942.NOTTMAR 21microfiche
Nottinghamshire Parish Registers0 Marriages 1538-1812vital records942.NOTTMAR 12microfiche
Nottinghamshire Parish Registers0 Marriages 1559-1837vital records942.NOTTMAR 16microfiche
Nottinghamshire Parish Registers0 Marriages 1538-1837vital records942.NOTTMAR 17microfiche
Nottinghamshire Parish Registers0 Marriages 1559-1812vital records942.NOTTMAR 14microfiche
Nottinghamshire Parish Registers0 Marriages 1754-1837vital records942.NOTTMAR 15microfiche
Nottinghamshire Parish Registers0 Marriages 1546-1837vital records942.NOTTMAR 13microfiche
Nottinghamshire Parish Registers0 Marriages 1538-1837vital records942.NOTTMAR 18microfiche
Nottinghamshire Parish Registers0 Marriages 1558-1837vital records942.NOTTMAR 19microfiche
Nottinghamshire Parish Registers0 Marriages 1553-1837vital records942.NOTTMAR 20microfiche
Nottinghamshire Parish Registers0 Marriages 1538-1837vital records942.NOTTMAR 22microfiche
Old Berkshire Tales0Millsonlocal history942.MILL1986book - soft
One - Place Genealogy0Hawgood942.HAWG2001book - soft
Oxfordshire0Raymond942.RAYM18book - soft
Oxfordshire Contiguous Parishes0Allen942.OXF1998book - soft
Oxfordshire Parish Registers & Bishops Transcripts0Harris942.HARR1993book - soft
Oxfordshire Protestation Oath Returns 1641-20de Jong942.JONG1993book - soft
Paleography & Pre 1858 Wills0Simpson941.SIMP1981book - soft
Parish Chest0Tate942.TATE1983book -
Parish Churches And Nonconformist Chapes Of Wales0Rawlins942.9RAWLVol. 1book - soft
Parish Reg. St. Leonard0 Deal - Burials942.KENT63fiche
Parish Reg. St. Leonard0 Deal - Marriages942.KENT64fiche
Parish Reg. St. Leonard0 Deal - Baptisms 1559-1837942.KENT62fiche
Parishes0 Registers & Registrars of Scotland941.1SFHS2001book - soft
Passage to America0ColemanEmigration941.5COLE1991book
Passage To The New World0Hollett941.5HOLL1995book -
Paupers' Passports0Simpson942.SIMPbook - soft
Phillimore Atlas & Index Of Parish Registers0Humphrey - Smith941.HUMP1995book -
Pocket History Of Ireland0O hEithir941.5OHEI1989book - soft
Poor Law Documents Before 18340Cole942.COLE1996book - soft
Practical Family History [issues 48 to 68] [3 earlier]0Armstrong941.PFHtitle - periodical
Practical Guide For The Genealogist In England0Mellen942.MELLbook - soft
Pre - 1841 Censuses & Population Listings0Chapman942.CHAP1998book - soft
Prisons And Punishments Of London0Byrne941.BYRNbook - soft
Probate Jurisdiction0Gibson942.GIBS# 14book - soft
Protestation Returns 1641-420Dell942.DELLbook - soft
Quarter Sessions Records0Gibson942.GIBS# 6book - soft
Quiet Adventurers In North America0Turk941.TURK1983book -
Reading Old Handwriting0McLaughlin929.1MCLA# 4book - soft
Reading Old Title Deeds0Cornwall941.CORN1997book - soft
Readings In English Genealogical Sources0Wilson941.WILSbook - soft
Records of Royal Air Force: How To Find The Few0Wilsonmilitary940.WILSbook - soft
Records of the Militia from 17570Thomasmilitary940.THOMbook - soft
Registers of Danby-in-Cleveland0Walkervital records942.WALK1912book -
Registers of Danby-In-Cleveland0Walker929.2WALK1912book -
Registration Districts0Wiggins942.WIGG1998book - soft
Research in London: Part 10Gibbens942.GIBBPart 1book - soft
Researching Armagh Ancestors0Maxwell941.5MAXW2000book - soft
Researching Brewery & Publican Ancestors0Fowler942.FOWL2003book - soft
Researching Welsh Ancestry0Rowlands942.9ROWL1999book - soft
Return of Owners of Land0 1873 Oxfordshire942.OXF1873book - soft
Roman Catholic Parish Records0 Mallow941.5MALLbook - soft
Scotch - Irish0Durning941.5DURNbook - soft
Scotch - Irish a Social History0Leyburn971.5LEYB1962book
Scotch - Irish Family Research Made Simple0Campbell941.5CAMP1982book - soft
Scottish County Research Series: Caithness0Kitzmiller941.1KITZv. 3book - soft
Scottish County Research Series: Orkney0Kitzmiller941.1KITZv. 2book - soft
Scottish County Research Series: Shetland - Zetland0Kitzmiller941.1KITZv. 1book - soft
Scottish Place Names0Ross941.1ROSS2001book - soft
Scottish Surnames0Dorward941.1DORWbook - soft
Searching For A Soldier In The British Army Or Canadian Militia0Grenvillemilitary940.GREN1976book - soft
Searching In London0Dark942.DARK# 11book - soft
Second List of Islay People0Booth941.1BOOTv 2book - soft
Shakespeare's Country0Russell942.RUSS1949book
Shell Guide To Ireland0Killanin941.5KILL1967book -
Shuckburgh0 Warwickshire942.WARbook - soft
Some Lesser Known Repositories In London0Westbury942.REPO2000book - soft
Somerset Wills - Index0Medlycott942.SOME1993fiche
Sources & Methods For Doing Irish0Rencher941.5RENC# 1tape
Sources for Nonconformist Genealogy & Fammily History0Steel941.1STEEVol. 2book -
South West Family Histories0Raymond942.RAYM28book - soft
Specialist Indexes0Gibson942.GIBS# 5book - soft
St. Catherine's House0McLaughlin942.MCLA#8book - soft
St. Catherine's House Districts0Wiggins942.WIGGbook - soft
St. Leonard0 Deal942.KENTBAPTfiche
Staffordshire Families0Perkins942.PERK1989book - soft
Story of the Irish Race0MacManus941.5MACM1921book
Strathclyde Sources0Miller941.1MILL1999book - soft
Strays! Index To The British Strays In Canada Resulting From The OGS0Lancaster971.3STRABRITbook - soft
Suffolk0Raymond942.RAYM17book - soft
Suffolk Chronology0Dalgrave942.DALG1997book - soft
Suffolk Chronology0Palgrave942.PALG1997book - soft
Supplement To Genealogical Resources In English Re0Moulton942.MOULSUPPbook -
Surnames & One-Name Studies0Dark942.DARK# 12book - soft
Surnames In Ireland0Matheson941.5MATH1909book -
Surnames of Ireland0MacLysaght941.5MACLbook - soft
Surnames of Wales0Rowlands942.9ROWL1996book - soft
Surrey & Sussex Family Histories & Pedigrees0Raymond942.RAYM42book - soft
Surrey & Sussex Lists Of Names0Raymond942.RAYM48book - soft
Surrey & Sussex Occupations0Raymond942.RAYM44book - soft
Surrey & Sussex Parish Registers0Raymond942.RAYM43book - soft
Tales of Old Ireland0O'Mara941.5O'MARbook
The Genealogist : Family Histories0Raymond942.RAYM14book - soft
The Genealogist : Sources0Raymond942.RAYM13book - soft
Third List Of Islay People0Booth941.1BOOTv 3book - soft
Topographical Dictionary of Ireland 18370Lewis941.5TOPOVol 2fiche
Topographical Dictionary of Ireland 18370Lewis941.5TOPOVol 1fiche
Touch of the Irish0Desmond941.5DESM1995book - soft
Trace Your Ancestors0Pine929.1PINE1966book - soft
Tracing Your Ancestry0Loomes942.LOOMbook - soft
Tracing Your British Ancestors0Chapman942.CHAP1999book - soft
Tracing Your Family Tree0Colwell942.COLW1985book - soft
Tracing Your Irish Ancestors0Magee941.5MAGEbook - soft
Tracing Your Irish Roots0Kinealy941.5KINEbook - soft
Tracing Your Scottish Ancestors0Sinclair941.1SINC1995book - soft
Tracing Your Scottish Ancestry0Cory941.1CORY1992book - soft
Tracing your Twentieth Century Family History0Raymond942.RAYM55book - soft
Treasures from the National Library of Ireland0Kissane941.5KISSbook - soft
Tudor & Stuart Muster Rolls0Gibsonmilitary940.GIBS1989book - soft
Tudor & Stuart Sources0Dark942.DARK# 9book - soft
Using 19th Century English Sources0Dussome942.DUSS1997book - soft
Using Colindale & Other Newspaper Repositories0Collins942.COLL2001book - soft
Using Death And Burial Records For Family Historians0Gibbens929.1GIBB# 1book - soft
Using Education Records0Chapman942.CHAP1999book - soft
Using Marriage Records for Family Historians0Litton929.1LITT1996book - soft
Using Record Offices For Family Historians0Wood941.WOOD1999book - soft
Using The Family Records Centre0Collins942.COLL1997book - soft
Using Wills After 1858 & First Avenue House0Collins942.COLL1998book - soft
Victoria History General Introduction 1970-900Elrington942.ELRI1990book -
Victoria History Of The Counties Of England0Pugh942.PUGH1970book -
Vital Statistics - Westmoreland Census 17870Ashcroft942.ASHC1992book - soft
Welsh Family History0Rowlands942.9ROWL1998book -
Wessex0Grigson941.GRIG#2book -
Westbury0 Bishop's Transcripts & Parish Registers - Baptisms 1556 - 1837vital records942.WILTWESTfiche
Westmorland Contiguous Parishes0Allen942.WEST1997book - soft
Who Are The Scots-Irish?0Eakle941.5EAKL1995tape
Wills Before 18580McLaughlin942.MCLA#12book - soft
Worcestershire Families0Perkins942.PERK1990book - soft
Words from Wills and Other Probate Records0RaymondRecords942.RAYM57book - soft
World War I Army Ancestry0Holdingmilitary940.HOLD# 1book - soft
Yorkshire Family History & Pedigrees0Raymond942.RAYM35book - soft
Yorkshire Lists of Names0Raymond942.RAYM37book - soft
Yorkshire Occupations0Raymond942.RAYM34book - soft
Yorkshire Parish Registers0Withers942.WITHVol 1book -
Yorkshire Parish Registers Monumental Inscriptions & Wills0Raymond942.RAYM33book - soft
Your English Ancestry: A Guide For North Americans0Irvine941.IRVIbook - soft
Your Scottish Ancestry0Irvine941.1IRVI1996book - soft
Your Scottish Ancestry0Irvine941.1IRVI2003book - soft