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18 Jul 2002


The Albertan, 1901 - W

Calgary Newspaper Announcements Online

Name Event Event Date Place of Event Additional Information Date of Publication
Waddy, Cassie M 7 Aug 1901 Sarcee Reserve eldest daughter of Dr. J.P. Waddy of Baltamoor Ranche, Calgary to William Gardner by Ven Archdeacon Tims 10 Aug 1901
Webster, daughter B 28 Aug 1901 Calgary to the wife of Geo. H. Webster 31 Aug 1901
Whitbread, Joseph T. M 13 Dec 1901 Calgary of Okotoks to Carrie Arnell 18 Dec 1901
White, David M   Banff of Banff to Annie J Curran 10 Apr 1901
Willard, Mord M 8 Jan 1901 Calgary, at the residence of Andrew Lee brother-in -law of bride of Vancouver, to Etta Gowan 11 Jan 1901
Wilson, Clara M 26 Dec 1900 Okotoks, at bride's parents' home youngest daughter of John Wilson, to William Patterson 11 Jan 1901