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18 Jul 2002


Alberta: Her Industries & Resources

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Cover PageThis slim book (fewer than 100 pages) was published in March 1885 as an inducement for "visitors to this portion of the Northwest ... [to] find it to their advantage to remain at Calgary and see for themselves. In other words, a very early representation of Calgary as a vibrant centre, and primed for economic development.

In 1974, the Glenbow-Alberta Institute reprinted the book and in 2000, the AFHS is pleased to offer it in electronic form.

Substantial thanks are owed to Judie Riddell who conceived of this project and to Karen McKoen who mastered the technical aspects of converting it from paper to electronic bits.

While the book does not have a traditional Table of Contents, we have developed one here. Of particular interest to the family historian will be the many biographical and business sketches listed below and available from the chapter of that name. As well, you can use the search tool to look for specific names in this online document. In this way, we hope we have added additional uses and readers for this interesting book.

There is one aspect of the book that we have not reproduced here - the advertisements. These are numerous and don't tend to reproduce well on screen. However, for those interested, we have supplied a list of advertisers below and, on request, will supply scans of individual advertisements. Send your request to . A sample advertisement page lies to the left of the list.

Provisional Distict of Alberta
Calgary's Surroundings
The Town Limits
Statistical and General
Personal and Business Sketches
     see list to right
Old Timers
Churches and Schools
Public and Private Improvements
Summary of Business
General Directory

Personal and Business Sketches

Allen & Mackenzie
Bain Bros.
J.G. Baker & Co.
Bannerman & Co.
Joseph Bannerman
L.H. Barrett
W.E. Bliss
H.Y. Bleeker
Bucke & Smith
Thomas S. Burns
Joseph Butland
Calgary Theatre Hall
Colin N. Campbell
J.E.B. Campbell
the Canada Northwest Land Co.
Chipman & Co.
James Carrol
Clark & Beauwin
F.J. Claxton
Fitzgerald Cochrane
George Constantine
John Cottingham
Mark Cuzner
Cummings & Allen
John Dean
Francis Dick
T.H. Dunne
A. Ferland & Co.
J.G. Fitzgerald
R.W. Fletcher
Charles Flint
George L. Fraser
J.S. Freeze
Lafayette French
James D. Geddes
Gerald House
J.S. Gibb & Co.
J. McD. Gordon
T. Huggard
Haines & Gridley
A.W. Haldimand
Dr. Henderson
Richard T. Hardisty
S.J. Hogg & Co.
George E. Jacques
Jarret & Cushing
H. Johnston
Keohran & Seabury
G.C. King & Co.
Eugene G. Kirby
Rev. Father Lacomb

Lafferty & Smith
Leeson & Scott
N.J. Lindsay
James C. Linton
James A. Lougheed
Alex. MacDonald
Doanld MacKenzie
Martin Bros.
James V. Martin
Wheeler Mickle
J.H. Millward
James R. Mitchell
Mortimer & Co.
George Murdoch
Murphy & Martin
E. McCoskrie & Co.
Neil McLeod
McIntyre & Davidson
McNeil Bros.
McVitty Bros.
R.G. Ogburn
Parrish & Co.
John Patterson
Peterson & Peterson
F.W. Petite
W.T. Ramsay
S.A. Ramsay
Rankin & Allan
John B. Rivet
Royal Hotel
Rogers & Grant
A.P. Samples
W.D. Scott
A.C. Sparrow & Co.
S.W. Shaw
Capt. Stewart
T. Sirett
Smith & Buck
A.E. Shelton
J.G. Vanwart & Son
Thomson Brothers
Trott Brothers
Major James Walker
J. Douglas White
Dr. Wilson
Wood & Saunders
Miss Armstrong
The "Nor-Wester"
The "Herald" Newspaper
p 60 advertisements

List of Advertisers

Alberta Laundry
Alberta Photo Co.
Allen and McKenzie
Bannerman and Co.
Bain Bros
Bleeker, H.
Brown, C.J.
Burns, T.S.
Ryers, Wm.
Cameron, K.
Cameron, J.E.B.
Campbell, C.N.
Canada, Northwest Land Co.
Clark, D.R.
Claxton, F.J.
Commercial, The
Compton, W.J.
Cummings and Allen
Cuzner, M.
De Brisay, L.P.W.
Dick, J.
Dominion Lands, Sec. 16
Donahoe, J.
Ferland and Co., A.
Fitzlgerald, J.G.
Flint, C.
Fraser, G.L.
Freeze, J.S.
Gibb, J.S.
Henderson, Dr.
Haines and Grindley
Herald Printing Co.
Hogg and Co., S.J.
Jardine, H.R.
Jarret and Cushing
Johnstone, H.
Jacques, G.E.
Keohran and Seabury
King and Col, G.C.
Lafferty and Smith
Leeson and Scott
Linton, J.C.
Lougheed and McCarthy
MacLeod Gazette
Mackenzie, D.
Martin Bros.
Martin, J.V.
Medical Hall
Millward, J.H.
Mitchell, J.B.
Mortimer and Co.
Murdoch, George
Murphy and Martin
McCoskrie and Co., E.
McCullum, J.G.
McDonald, Alex.
McIntyre and Davidson
McLeod, H.
McNeil Bros.
Ogburn, R.J.
Parrish and Co.
Paterson, J.
Peterson and Peterson
Ramsay, S.A.
R.C. Mission
Rankin and Allen
Reilly and Martin
Rivet, J.A.
Rogers and Grant
Samples and Co., A.P.
Shelton, A.E.
Sirett, T.
Stewart, Capt.
Trott Bros.
Vanwart, J.G.
Vanwart and Son, J.G.
Walker, James
White, J. Douglas
Wilson, W.
Yarlett, H.