Chinook Submission Guidelines

The following guidelines will help you write your story for Chinook. If you have any questions, please contact us by email at



  •  Submit your article by email whenever possible. Typed or handwritten copies are accepted and will be published as time allows.


  • Article tips:
    • Longer article: These are usually based on the theme of an issue and are up to 2500* words with at least four suitable photos or illustrations, if possible. (*We do accept and publish longer articles at times. These may be edited down or serialized.)
    • Shorter article: These can be as short as 400 words or up to 1200 words with one or more photos or illustrations, if possible.
    • Subheadings: A suggestion to add interest and readability to your article is to add subheadings every three to four paragraphs. (Note: some articles lend themselves to this more than others, so do not hesitate to send an article without subheadings.)
    • Language and Spelling: We only accept articles in English. Canadian spelling is honoured.
    • Titles: Please supply a short title, if possible. The editorial team may change it to fit the theme with or without notice to the writer.


  • Images: 
    • Please send text and photographs or images separately. Scan photographs or images at 300 dpi. (A copy of the article with photos embedded may also be included as a reference or layout suggestion.)
    • Provide a short caption for each image that includes pertinent information such as where the photo was taken; what the photo depicts; the exact date (if known) or approximate year; names of each person from left to right; and name of photographer or designer (if known).
    • Copyright: If you, a close family member (now deceased), or a photographer/designer who died more than 50 years ago with no one renewing copyright did not take the photograph, written permission must be obtained to use the image in Chinook.


  • Editing: We will try to keep your personal style and voice while proofing and editing for clarity. We are happy to offer help in writing to anyone who would like assistance. All articles are returned to the author for approval prior to publishing.
  • Author Biography: Please include a short biography and photo. The biography should be 60-80 words; we will edit this to fit the available space. The preferred photo is a head and shoulders shot. A website URL and/or email address may also be included. (Examples are available upon request.)