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18 Aug 2007


Chinook: Volume 26

Volume 26 No. 1

  • Chairmanís Letter (Gordon Lane)
  • Editorís Table (Kenneth W. Rees)
  • Alliance with Calgary Public Library (Bill Campbell)
  • Family History Events (Bev Rees)
  • Calgary Public Library New Databases
  • Nathalia: Nathalia Koenig (Wayne Fuller)
  • New England Planter Ancestors and Three Genealogy Brags (Phillip P. Thorpe)
  • Report from the celtic Special Interest Group: Wales and Welse Connections
  • Profile: Irene Oickle (Bev Swan)
  • Finding Sarah (Bill Campbell)
  • Grandpaís Ready-Made Farm: Henry Warner Gothard (Ed J. Firth)
  • Four Book Reviews (Lois Sparling)
  • Serendipity in Genealogy: Serendipitous Events in my Family History Research (Clare Westbury)
  • Beginning Your Family History Research

Volume 26 No. 2

  • Chairmanís Letter (Gordon Lane)
  • Notice of Annual General Meeting and Special Resolution
  • Editorís Table (Kenneth W. Rees)
  • Library News (Helen Backhouse)
  • AFHS and the Annual Heritage Fair
  • AFHS at Fort Calgary
  • Alberta Bound!: Kate and John MacKenzie (Kay Clarke)
  • Laws Relevant to Tracing Female Ancestors in England (Lois Sparling)
  • Babaís Biscuits (Beverley A. Rees)
  • (Beverley A. Rees)
  • Finding Places of Origin (Lois Sparling)
  • Family History Events (Beverley A. Rees)
  • Beginning: Write Down What You Know (Kenneth W. Rees)
  • Our Ancestors Commandments
  • Serendipity in Genealogy: How to Succeed as a Genealogist without Really Trying (Suddie William Mumford)
  • Serendipity in Genealogy: King Family Serendipity (Al King)

Volume 26 No. 3

  • Chairís Letter (Tara Shymanski)
  • Editorís Table (Kenneth W. Rees)
  • Historic Calgary Week (William Campbell)
  • Cemetery Project (The Projects Committee)
  • Seven times Across the Atlantic: Wasyl Werenka (Mertie Beatty)
  • Family History Events (Beverley A. Rees)
  • Philosophical Genealogy (Joyce Metcalfe)
  • My Genealogy Research on Cyril Grubbís Life (Renae Grubb)
  • FamilyRoots 2006: Genealogy, Genes, and Gigabytes
  • Calgary Archives Releases Records
  • Tracing Your Immigrant Ancestors (Velma Boyer)
  • Hazel McKay Ė Never Too Late to Be A Loyalist (Ted Cooke)
  • The Great Ancestor Hunt (Lois Sparling)
  • Serendipity in Genealogy: Serendipity in Research (Larry Gilchrist)
  • Serendipity (Marion Peterson)

Volume 26 No. 4

  • Chairís Letter - Tara Shymanski
  • Editorís Eye - Xenia Stanford
  • FamilyRoots 2006: A Route To Improved Health - Bill Campbell
  • FamilyRoots 2006: Program and Poster
  • The Great Ancestor Hunt: Part Two - Lois Sparling
  • Partnership To Link Millions Of People GeneticallyÖ- Mary Petty
  • Beginning: Decide What You Want To Learn - Kenneth W. Rees
  • Canada Census 1911 To 1951 - CCRI
  • All At Sea - Ann Williams (with contributions from Diane Granger & Walt Glanville)
  • Serendipity In Genealogy - column ed. Beverley Rees (with contributions by Roger Leach and Bill Campbell
  • AFHS Volunteer Report - Bev Swan
  • Your First Trip To The Family History LibraryÖ- Beverley A. Rees
  • Fun With Names - Ann Williams
  • Dream Vacation At The Family History Library - Xenia Stanford
  • Also - Events, Queries, Library Acquisitions, Book Reports and more!