British Institute – Virtual in October 2021

Have you heard…

The ISBGFH Our British Institute is once again virtual in 2021, but with more options to help you develop your research skills! Due to the two-week format you can take advantage of two courses, one each week. In addition, you can purchase access to recordings that include the full syllabus for the courses you can not attend.

Pricing is based on three factors:

Are you a member of ISBGFH? Membership discounts apply. Early Bird pricing has been extended to July 31st to make sure you get notified before it ends.
How many courses are you taking each week? If you take both the English and Irish track (11-15 October) you will need to pick which online course to attend “live” and which you will access via the recording. Same decision for the Scottish and Welsh tracks (18-22 October).

Visit the website to register and learn more.