The AFHS Board wishes Good Cheer and a Happy New Year to all of our members.  Despite the dreadful 2019 and the depressing economic news each week, your Society continues to serve the needs of the genealogy society and to stay healthy.

Please come in to the library and chat with our tireless volunteers.  You may have a lot in common and can share some research tips.  The several SIGs are back for another year, with all sorts of topics to discuss.  Don’t forget the monthly general society meeting to catch up with other members and to enjoy the great talks.

We have a terrific conference coming up in the fall, so visit the website information on FamilyRoots 2020 for more details.

Good luck with your personal research and we shall see you at our gatherings.

Jim Benedict


“Genealogy: a hay stack full of needles.  It’s the threads I need.”


Alberta Family Histories Society