Volunteer Opportunities

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Our volunteers are the lifeblood of our society.

We just couldn’t manage without all the dedicated people we have doing everything from running the library to setting up new members to organizing audio/visual equipment at meetings. We have a lot of fun working together and enjoy each other’s company.

Positions Available:

Director – Facilities

We are urgently seeking a volunteer to be our Director of Facilities, and this position must be filled in order to complete our Board. Warren has done a lot of the legwork – the library lease is signed, we have a space for our General Meetings in the fall, the computers and equipment are being maintained, the insurance has been paid and the maintenance at the library is up-to-date. If you could help us out, please contact president@afhs.ab.ca

Editor – Chinook

Do you have content ideas for our journal? No one has stepped forward to be the editor of our quarterly journal Chinook, so there will be no issue in July. Michele is willing to help with the layout. You would set the themes and collect the content. For more details, contact Michele editor-chinook@afhs.ab.ca

Social Media Manager

We are currently looking for someone to help manage the the society’s social media accounts. The required weekly time commitment wouldn’t be more than an hour a week and you would be helping us greatly! If you are interested, please contact webmaster@afhs.ab.ca

Editor – Windsock

Currently our e-newsletter is being generated by content placed on our website. We would prefer it to have an editor to make the content more attractive and interesting. It is distributed using Mail Chimp. For more information, contact president@afhs.ab.ca

Society Photographer

Do you like to take photos? A volunteer to take photos for our website and for our Society archives would be greatly appreciated. Contact Marion archives@afhs.ab.ca

Would you like to be a part of a dedicated, supportive community?

AFHS welcomes new members and volunteers with open arms.

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