Volunteer Opportunities

Becoming a volunteer with AFHS after moving to Calgary has helped me meet new people. Being editor of the Chinook Arch newsletter has sharpened my editing and writing skills. I also enjoy volunteering at the AFHS Library. Being able to help other people learn more about their family is very rewarding!

Amber Godfrey

We just couldn’t manage without all the dedicated people doing everything from running the library to helping new members to organizing audio/visual equipment at meetings. We have a lot of fun working together and enjoy each other’s company. From occasional tasks to Director positions on the Board, there are lots of ways to get involved as a volunteer with AFHS!

Opportunities to contribute include:

  • Indexing and preserving local historical records
  • Assisting members find resources as a volunteer librarian
  • Sharing your knowledge by speaking at our monthly meetings or leading the discussion at a special interest group
  • Collaborating on the Board of Directors to ensure the continued success of AFHS
  • Raising funds for the Society by working as a volunteer at a casino
  • Planning our bi-annual genealogy conference

Become involved! Make life-long friends!

Current Specific Needs


Indexing of Past Issues of our Journal

There are many great articles in our Society’s publications. We are in the process of indexing the past issues of Chinook and The Quarterly. If you could help, contact


Would you help new members who request one-on-one assistance? Contact


The table at the entrance to our meeting room can be a busy place, and our Membership Co-ordinator could use your help. If you would be willing to arrive at 6:30 pm to say hello to people as they arrive and identify visitors and new members, please contact

Society Photographer

Do you like to take photos? A volunteer to document our meetings and activities would be greatly appreciated. Please contact

Nominations and Volunteer Recruitment

If you would be interested in helping recruit volunteers and find candidates for our Board, please send a message to

Audio/Visual Assistance

If you have an interest in P/A, our equipment team welcomes another set of hands for set-up and take-down at our Society meetings. Contact

Digital Journal Assistant(s)

Assistance is needed to process the digital journals received by our library. This task would require visits to the library to download them from an email account and into folders on one of our main computers. Another possible project will require contacting other organizations for permission to post their journals in a future members-only part of our website. For more information, contact

Member Benefit Partnerships

Other societies or organizations might be willing to partner with our members, offering discounts or special access. We need a volunteer to seek out these types of opportunities. For more information, contact